Once again I find myself analysing horror slashers and this time it's about Charles Lee Ray AKA Chucky the killer doll. Chucky is probably my favourite. Child's Play was the film that got me into horror years ago and introduced me to actor Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky. As I've been watching Dourif's acting in other films, it's upsetting that we don't see him live much in the franchise. He fits well in twisted roles and his other character (apparently Leo Nova from Fatal Beauty but I'm not sure) was the inspiration for Charles Lee Ray.

Because of this, I'm more intrigued to know what kind of person Chucky was as a human. There's not enough information given about his past except the fact he was the Lakeshore Strangler who practised voodoo and a man named John Bishop had taught him this. Eddie Caputo was also Chucky's partner in crime and it seemed like they were at least buddies. In Bride of Chucky, it's said Chucky and Tiffany Valentine used to live together for years and they're both originally from New Jersey. This film bothers me since it does change the storyline and kind of mocks the whole voodoo aspect. It makes me question where was Tiffany during the night Chucky "died" at the toy store and why did Chucky have his studio apartment? More about this later.

Seed of Chucky is the sequel which many fans consider uncanon for numerous reasons, but in Curse of Chucky, this is not the case since Chucky does mention Jennifer Tilly and we see her (or technically Tiffany) later on. But the bigger problem with this film is the flashback scene. I was at first glad the producers gave some insight into Chucky's origin story until I rewatched Child's Play. At the beginning of the original film, Mike Norris is seen tossing a coat and a red scarf aside while chasing down Chucky. In a deleted scene Norris was meant to disguise himself as bait and it worked. Some sources say Chucky and Eddie were doing a robbery and it failed. Either way, this works better than what is explained in the other film. Now in Curse of Chucky, Sarah Pierce was kidnapped and she managed to call cops somehow. During the chase scene, Eddie Caputo's part is cut out completely, making it seem like Chucky was working alone. It wasn't Sarah who betrayed him, it was Eddie. Thus why I don't appreciate Curse of Chucky even though it tries to be a serious film. And don't get me started with Cult of Chucky: it's a mess. For these reasons I only use Child's Play films as source material.

(When I write the name Chucky, I'm hinting towards the doll version) I like to believe Charles had a somewhat troubled mind which doesn't show in Chucky films. For example, his apartment is interesting to say at least. The wall paintings are all about voodoo rituals and Damballa. There are strange little dolls and mannequins placed around. Karen, who is exploring the place in the scene, is without a doubt horrified. I think it shows how obsessed Charles was about the afterlife: he even had writing on a wall thanking Damballa. It's disturbing and delusional but I don't see him doing this out of spirituality. It looks more like Charles wasn't a man who accepted his mortality. He wanted more and he got it in the end by turning himself into a doll. Charles thought this way he was invincible until Norris shot him and it hurt. Before this, Charles was ready to stay inside the Good Guy doll. He needed Andy's soul just because it's better to be a mortal human than a mortal small toy.

Cheating death with this great amount of desperation could be explained with a god complex. A person believes to be above others and society. They may think they are god-like beings who deserve special treatment. Someone could develop a delusion that they are even above death. Charles is possibly experiencing this. He is extremely narcissistic. Never takes responsibility for his own mistakes and never apologises in Child's Play films. Charles gets furious when things don't go his way and has zero empathy for others around him. If he's in a deadly situation, he turns into a coward and begs for mercy. As I said earlier, he is not ready to die because he is somebody worthy to keep on living. But deep down, narcissism is a defence, a wall to protect their own's fragile ego. The truth is people like Charles are the ones with the most insecurities. This is proven each time he gets mad for being criticised or made fun of. A sane person with self-esteem doesn't usually take everything people say as a personal attack.

There's another thing I'd like to point out. It's not canon but I like to imagine that Charles lost a part of his humanity while becoming a doll. I mean he goes after a six-year-old like it's nothing. In Child's Play 2, the finale scene captures his massive rage and determination to kill Andy for good. Chucky gets ripped and tortured but he just keeps going despite the pain. Some would say Chucky looks pissed off the most in Child's Play 3 which could mean each time he comes back to life, the wrath inside his soul grows. But this is a fan theory. Maybe Charles is just a mad person in general with huge anger issues.

Chucky is not an as interesting character as Michael Myers but he's easier to read. Finding out more about his origin story could benefit the franchise but I don't expect the producers to give him a serious backstory.