A Poem by CalmerWaters

Smell a flower, Write a Song, Sing your pain away

Make Art, Do your Hair, Live another Day

Become your own Best Friend

Be in Love with Life again

Don't get caught up in the Feelings, you Feel today

Will you be a Shadow and stay under your covers

Or will you be the Sun and shine Light upon others

Life is only choices so don't choose to be stale

You can create Heaven or you can create hell

Time will always move Constant and Clear

But do not worry there's No Need to fear

You needed a break and you may need one again

But time has called you to Wake up Within

Wake Up and Stay Up

It's all about You

I know life is tough

But You are too

You weren't born to die

You were born to win

Just because it's dark

Doesn't mean it's the end

Every dream's just a dream and every life's just a life

But your life's a dream and your dreams are life

Wake Up and Stay Up

So you can transcend

At some point, you know

You Must Start Again