From the Sidelines

I watch from the sidelines,

a great and marvelous game.

It plays out before me,

its participants going to and fro.

The players run here and there,

throwing and passing,

crashing into one another,

and having a great time.

I, however, sit in the bleachers,

and watch instead of playing.

I watch the game unravel,

quarter after quarter.

Time passes by,

but the game never ends,

it just keeps on going,

forever and ever.

Suddenly, I stand,

leaving my seat behind.

I move out of the bleachers,

headed for the field,

my head held high,

and a smile on my face.

Determined and resolute,

to join the game before me.

I reach the field,

stopping at its edge.

I step up to the coach,

proud and confident.

I speak, unabashed,

"I'm ready to play."

But the coach shakes his head,

and the players boo me away.

Defeated, I trudge back,

dejected and downtrodden.

I return silently to the bleachers,

of which I am the only occupant.

I return to my seat,

continuing to watch from afar.

Everyone gets to play in the great game,

everyone, but me.