Under Life's Weight

A flicker of hate,

with an inkling of sadness.

A wave of regret,

softly washing through the room.

A confused mind,

sanging in my skull.

It yearns to get out,

and receive its freedom.

A great weight,

placed firmly on my shoulders.

It is unable to be lifted,

as I'm slowly crushed under it.

My soul trembles,

shaking wildly inside me.

I look back on my deeds,

and cry with shame.

My heart continues to beat,

but it does so weakly.

No doubt it will fail me,

leaving my life gray and stale.

My resolve wavers,

as it quickly fades.

I am unable to stand,

crumbling under the endless onslaught.

My legs quiver,

suddenly giving out.

I fall to the ground,

laying, immoveable.

My tears run freely now,

stinging my eyes.

Painting my face,

dripping like acid.

Where does it end?

When does it stop?

This unceasing pain,

will I ever receive relief?

The weight continues to grow,

increasing all the while.

Leaving me in doubt,

to drown in my weakness.

Suddenly, I push myself up,

finding the strength to stand.

I must carry on,

I must find a way.

No matter what I have lost,

no matter those who leave me.

Peace will someday find me,

it's somewhere in the distance.