My thoughts on self-image

From a young age, we're influenced by other people on what to appreciate about ourselves. And people also tell us what to hate about ourselves. Believe it or not, we have a choice over what we want to be insecure about.

Self Image is the idea one has of one's abilities, appearance, and personality. So ultimately, a poor self-image will cause one to underestimate themselves to the point where their life reflects that. I bring that up to say, self-love/self-care has become more in the media than ever, meaning healthy lifestyle habits is more reachable to many people. That's very good however I feel like self-love is sort of undermined in the media. It talks about upgrading your external life which is important, but self-love isn't always a new exercise routine, sometimes it's a new way of looking at yourself.

We have the choice to disassociate with our insecurities or integrate it into our being. Meaning, if you like your hair but dislike your nose, I believe part of self-love is understanding that you have to see yourself in your insecurities. So even if you don't like your nose, at least appreciate it because it's part of you. You are a whole, you are your insecurities and securities.

I'm not saying to force yourself to like everything about yourself, but see every part of yourself as just that. A part of you. It's fine to want to put time and money into creating the best version of ourselves but a lot of times we're teased and isolated into creating a version of ourselves that is more comfortable for others. So, self-care can become the opposite, self-rejection.

So, I think it would be good to ask yourself if you're doing x, y, and z for the comfort of yourself or others.

Thank you for reading.