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Abandoned Warehouse

Keith's eyes adjusted, having been blindfolded the whole time as he was carted off to an unknown location. Logan had indeed found Ashley, and Ashley had indeed betrayed him; the Axe-heads had swarmed his bunker and simply hit him too hard, too fast for him to really retaliate. It was also quite safe to say that Mia was also out of his reach; oh, the plans he had for her.

But right now, he was faced with a real predicament. He was tied to a chair, and surrounded by what appeared to be Spanish Bulls, and other tall imposing men in business suits. He was almost sure those men belonged to none other than Harold Stein; he was almost sure that he was the only other figure who wanted him captured alive and interrogated.

"You scum-sucking pieces of shit! Do you wetbacks and kikes know what happens to whoever kills me? The Aryan Brotherhood will have your heads once you get to state prison! My White Brothers will see that NONE of you motherfuckers leave here alive!" Keith's fear was almost visible, and perhaps even HE heard it for himself.

For now, he was unharmed. However, he got the distinct impression that would soon change, as he saw vehicles that belonged to the Axe-Heads, MS-13, the Jewish Mafia and the Crips all pulled up.

Wait a minute… Keith thought as the gears slowly turned, and realized that there could be only one reason the Spanish Bulls would be seen working with their erstwhile rivals. More than anything, not one person seemed to so much as shoot a disapproving glance towards anyone but Keith; they didn't even so much as look hostile to each other, no matter which organization they belonged to. Keith didn't want to believe it. In fact, it wasn't until a limousine pulled up that Keith had straight up REFUSED to believe the worst.

Until the worst possible thing he could witness occurred before his very eyes. It wasn't seeing Nico Guzman, the head shot caller of MS-13; it wasn't seeing Tango, OG of the Crips; it wasn't seeing Benecio Alvarez, chapter president of the Spanish Bulls; not even seeing Harold Stein, godfather of the Jewish Mafia that intimidated Keith at this moment. He likely didn't even notice anyone else besides the figure that was flanked on either side by what Keith assumed was a secretary and a bodyguard. Both wore the unmistakable insignia of the Icarus Lion on their clothes. Keith's spine turned to ice as he beheld the cape-like, flowing mane of an afro and the nearly-black eyes that, right now, held no semblance of mercy or even humanity for the Neo-Nazi leader tied up in front of him.

"No… No…" That was all Keith could manage. Hammer, Logan and Hippo said they'd do their worst to him for what he'd done to Ashley and a few other victims. They were not kidding, for they had turned him over to Nero Pryor, of all people.

Nero Pryor, though he was under 25, was also the kid who sued two states in federal court and won tens of millions of dollars in short order. From there, he would turn Pryor Properties from a small-time real estate firm into a minor juggernaut within the gold, silver and oil businesses, as well as getting a firm hold on the land speculating and housing development industries. It was safe to say he had used his winnings well, and secured his family's future for generations to come. But most of all, Pryor Properties was the parent company of the Pryor Conflict Resolution Corps. They may not have been the Pryor Foundation, but it was very safe to say that they had the federal mandate to operate, and each bounty hunter and mercenary in the Corps' employ had at least a basic license to kill.

Forget about Nico, Alverez, Tango, and Stein; it was Pryor, far and away from any criminal mastermind, that Keith had warned each and every single skinhead and biker under his command to never even so much as make a blip on his radar. Keith had gone to great pains, strains and stress to ensure that any and all actions and activities of his gang would not earn Nero's ire. And now, here he was, helpless before the closest thing to a legal crime boss.

"So, you had plans for Sonya and Rachel, eh? Two women who are far more than any mortal man deserve; you were gonna capture them and turn them over as a plaything to your men?" Nero sounded more like a beast than a man right now, and Keith felt even more helpless. Even if he was unbound and alone with Nero, Keith wondered if he could actually beat the younger, likely stronger man in a fair fight.

"Who… Who gave you the tapes?! I thought I told them to never so much as look your direction! Was it her? Was it that-"

Nero narrowed his eyes and Keith immediately cast off the idea of insulting Ashley openly. "Please… Mercy…" Keith begged, feeling his eyes fill with tears of fear. Nero chuckled; a low, vicious and almost demonic chuckle at the fear Keith could no longer hide.

"What are you so afraid of, Keith?" The young, powerfully built man-beast before him unsheathed his signature serrated blades; if Keith's tongue would work, he'd have begged Nero to shoot him with one of those guns he had holstered on his hip. "Isn't this what you wanted, white man? Isn't this what all scum like you…" Nero pointedly looked at Stein as he said this, and the Jewish Godfather gave a nervous smile at this as he shrunk back. "…Want? You victimize women; terrorize and violate those who don't deserve it. You wanted my anger, didn't you? You wanted my fear, didn't you?" Nero more declared than asked, but now Keith finds his voice.

"You don't need to do this. I'll do anything! Please! I'll return all the money I stole from Ms. Hale and Ms. Iglesias, and I'll more than double it. I'll turn the Iron Furnace into a kid-friendly safe haven for minorities and disadvantaged women. I'll never so much as look at another woman for as long as I live. I'll take a plane, leave the United States entirely. I'll never show my face again. Anywhere you want, I'll go anywhere! Please, mercy!"

There was no anger, and no attempt at idle threats. Not even an insult or a disrespectful reference to Mia or Ashley. Keith had to know that since Nero was involved, he had better believe the feds and every single government entity Nero had connections with knew all about the tapes and what was on them. Keith preferred dying in a prison shower right about now. Nero simply narrowed his eyes.

"Where was Ashley's mercy when you stole everything from her? Where would Mia's mercy have been? Where was Lisa Hall's mercy?" Nero's massive, wire cable-like muscles tensed; there was not a shred of fat on this man's sculpted body and Keith could almost hear his muscles snap in fury. Keith had no answer, so Nero continued.

"I can tell you where Ann's mercy is going to be. That is, non-existent." Keith gasped in horror. "You… You can't…" Keith stammered out. And now the anger returns. "YOU PIECE OF SHIT! MY SISTER DID NOTHING WRONG! DO WHAT YOU WILL TO MY GANG! TAKE WHAT YOU WILL FROM ME! BUT LEAVE ANN OUT OF THIS" Keith struggled against his restraints, tiring him out even more. Nero had turned his back.

"Ann is FAR from innocent. Not after all the unsuspecting minorities she had your brother and his gang murdered, for the 'crime' of being near her while not being visibly white. But…" Nero signaled for the limousine to warm up, as his bodyguard and secretary took the hint and got back into the car. "If there is one thing you should take solace in, it is in the knowledge you two shall suffer and die together. As you are tortured, you will watch Ann suffer all that you put upon your victims, you will watch her get gang-raped until she goes into the first stages of death from her injuries. And then, you two will be left here to die together. Take comfort while you can now; make your peace while you can. Because when Ann gets here, you two will experience the last preview before hell."

With that, Nero got into the limousine, as it drove off. Stein, Alvarez, Guzman and Tango all had their orders, which they now passed down to their torture technicians; their men would have Ann soon enough. And until then, they had just two rules: Keith was to remain alive, and his eyes still had to be in his head and functional when Ann showed up.