A pair of men circled one another. One of the men was a tall, pale skinhead with silver hair and blue eyes. The other man was a Black man who was 3-4 inches shorter, but just as muscular, if not more so, than the first man. The skinhead held a large knife in his hand.

"Long time no see, Pryor!" The skinhead laughed maniacally. "You are going to wish you never found me, Auggie."

"Keith Jones." Aug Pryor seethed. "You'll pay for targeting my kids."

Keith Jones laughed maniacally and swung his knife at Aug, who caught the slash, grabbed his wrist and snapped his arm painfully. Keith screamed in agony as Aug continued forcing him to the ground. He broke Keith's arm further, prompting the defeated redneck to scream louder in pain.

"You should have walked away while you could." Aug said, as he mounted the downed skinhead and begin to beat Keith's face in with solid punches.

"I'M SORRY!" Keith finally pleaded. Aug simply glared down at him. "THE KIDS ARE SAFE! THEY MADE IT HOME!" The skinhead pleaded patheticall.

"That, at least, is the truth." Aug growled.

" LOGAN MADE ME DO IT!" Keith sobbed as Aug continued applying pressure. It was becoming harder and harder to breath as Aug continued bearing down on Keith's throat. "PLEASE! I HAD NO CHOICE!"

Aug narrowed his eyes, before letting him go. As soon as he turned his back, Keith's remaining good hand crept into his pocket where he pulled out a smaller knife and slashed the back of Aug's leg. Aug yelled and jumped back. Keith jumped to his feet, snatched up the larger knife and lunged. Aug caught his wrist, disarmed him yet again and this time brought the knife down on Keith's heart. Blood splashed, and as Keith lay dying, he saw one last vision of Aug, this time with long hair, standing over what could only be his younger sister Ann as an adult. He seized the terrified, crying Ann by the face and forced her head down…


Kathy shot up in bed with a scream, heart thundering. She jumped to her feet and looked around. It was still the that she shared with her boyfriend Oscar in Reno.

Who was Keith Jones? Why was it that in all her dreams of this person- SHE was him? Why did she feel like those dreams were moments that she had lived through even though it was impossible? Who was the man who killed Keith?

She had these dreams for as long as she could remember and they were increasingly in frequency and intensity as she neared the day that she was going to ship to army basic training. She looked at the clock. It was 3:53 in the morning. Tuesday, April 8th, 2003-a week before she was supposed to ship to basic training.

A light flicked on outside and the door swung open as Oscar rushed into the room, an alarmed look on his face. "Kathy! I heard you scream! Are you okay?!"

He sat down by his girlfriend, wrapping his hands around her shoulders. "What is it?" She stared into his handsome, boyish face with a terrified look. On impulse, Kathy hugged him tight as the two high school friends held each other in a protective embrace. "It's okay. I'm here for you, babe."

A few minutes later, Kathy gazed at her reflection in the mirror as she finished drying her long blonde hair after a hot shower. She examined her 6'2, athletic figure with its soft curves, toned muscles, and hard abs. Nothing changed. She was still Katherine Jones. The star athlete of Sierra High. The Nordic goddess that boys went crazy for a chance with. They were utterly beneath her notice. Most of the boys attracted to her were overly muscled thugs whose college athlete careers would end in a wreck of alcohol, sex, and steroids. Most women for the matter, were beneath her. Brainwashed by the mainstream media, these hapless beta females would go into unsustainable student loans for degrees that would equip them for nothing in life. Only spend what was left of their lives bemoaning their delusional feminist beliefs not coming to fruition. Kathy's sights were set on a higher cause.

She breathed in deeply to steady her nerves. "Nothing has changed." She thought to herself. "Nothing has changed." She said aloud in her low, husky voice.

"Turn back, Kathy." A ghostly voice wheezed as the room turned cold. "Turn back. Go home. There is still time." Kathy blindly whirled about. But there was no one. The room's temperature returned back to normal as she shivered.

Next morning

Oscar walked shirtless out of the shower, displaying his well-proportioned, lean, and sculpted body. The 6 foot, 192-pound high Oscar Reed was the teenage heartthrob in school. He only ever had eyes for Kathy and while she outwardly returned his affections, she knew Oscar, deep down, was a big softie like the rest.

"Kathy?" He frowned in concern as he saw his girlfriend on the sofa, brooding silently about something. She looked almost frightened as he sat beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Oscar." Kathy said softly and looked up at him. She bit her lip and looked down before staring at his handsome face.

"Aren't you worried about what we're about to do?" She asked.

"Everybody is worried first time. Most people will never dream of enlisting in the military nor do they have the professionalism and commitment required to become a professional soldier." He said gently with an understanding look.

"8 years. Where will be in 8 years." She muttered, shaking her head.

"We both enlisted in 4-year contracts. 4 years of active duty. After that, we can both transfer to the reserves, national guard, or even the individual ready reserves, which is the same as retiring from the army anyway."

Kathy didn't smile and continued to stare ahead with a haunted look. That Oscar was being sent to a different company on the 1-19 battalion on the base did her no comfort. He was going to Delta: she was going to Charlie. Fort Benning was the hardest army basic training post, but Charlie Company was where "Jeff", the most feared drill sergeant on the base, resided. Even knowing the army was a cause she wanted to sign up for more than anything else, something was horribly wrong.