"I love using sage when I cook," Avery said, sprinkling the herb into a stir fry of vegetables. He beamed at Sage, who sat on the counter, legs dangling below her.

Sage snorted out a laugh, hand going to her mouth at his lame pun. "That's great, knowing you want to eat me."

"More like eat you… out?" Avery grinned.

Sage grabbed a stray, sliced bell pepper and tossed it at Avery's head. She wore a dress that ended shortly at her upper thighs, light and flowy, and she felt her heart hammer at the thought of Avery lifting it up and burying himself in between her legs.

Her eyes strayed to his lips, which he'd always had a bad habit of chewing until they were red and raw. Made him look hotter in Sage's books.

The little townhouse they had bought fit snugly in the city, with a lit up convenience store and 24-hours medical clinic close by. It wasn't Sage's ideal dream. She wanted to live in a cottage somewhere quiet, with a flower field and baby deers.

But they had to start small. Her eyes flitted up to Avery, who stirred the pan of simmering vegetables. It didn't matter. She was with him, and this was their first little home, and she would make herself content.

Avery looked over to add more vegetables. "Hey. Weren't you supposed to be my prep assistant?"

"I did prep," Sage defended. "I did all of the bell peppers. And the onions."

He squinted at her chopping situation. "Then why do they look so… mangled?"

"How dare you!" Sage said. "My veggies are offended and so am I."

Avery laughed, a fond expression coloring his face. Sage still wasn't used to having this kind of adoration directed at her. She thought maybe she would never get used to it. He walked over and lifted a single mutilated bell pepper. "This looks like a crime scene," he murmured.

Outside, a motorcycle engine whirred too loudly, and Sage cringed. Avery frowned. "You hate the noise, huh?"

She shrugged, and swallowed. "It's not ideal. But I'm happy."

He furrowed his brow. "I know this isn't what you wanted. Sadly, we're not exactly floating in cash."

"Trust me, baby," Sage said. "I fucking know. I check our bank account everyday and I'm like - how the hell do I have an astrophysics degree and I'm working some secretary job?"

"Because the economy is stupid," Avery said. He had a computer science degree, but they had only just graduated and his position was poorly compensated. He could see the lights from passing cars reflecting from the window, and shining on Sage's sullen face.

He got an idea. He leaned in, breath warm against her neck. "Let me distract you from the noise."

Sage's heart stuttered, but she managed to play along. "You really think you have the skills? Those cars are loud."

Avery's mouth was wet and warm against her neck, licking a stripe down. A shiver ran down her spine, the sensitive skin tingling. "Trust me," he said, his voice lower. "I'm very good at what I do."

She gripped his shoulders as he kissed her neck, her jawline, before his mouth met her mouth. The kiss was hard, almost aggressive, and Avery let his tongue swirl over and soothe her bottom lip.

His hands trailed down her hips, rubbing up her thighs and tracing the outline of her underwear, and Sage's body felt like it was on fire. "Mmm," she said contently as he kissed down to her upper breasts.

He glanced over at her, pupils dilated. Her cheeks were flushed, breathing sharper. "Do you want me to touch you?" He murmured, hand still trailing painfully slowly around her underwear, close to touching her sweet spot, but never quite meeting it.

She could feel herself wanting to thrust into his hand, and did everything to remain still, liking to make the game hard for herself. "I'm fine," she breathed out. "Is that the best you can do?"

Avery grinned sharply. His hand reached up and touched the blooming wetness in her underwear. "Really? Seems like someone wants it more than they're letting on."

Sage felt herself grow even wetter at the words, at his darkened eyes and the way one of his hands slipped under the straps of her dress and danced downwards. Finding his way to her breasts, the pads of his fingers brushing her nipples. "Oh- oh." Sage shuttered out a moan. She felt her hips move upward to meet his hand.

His finger traced a light, searing stripe down the middle of her underwear, just meeting her clitoris, but it wasn't enough. She gripped his shoulders tighter, and squirmed on the edge of the table. "Ave," she groaned.

"What? Is there something you need?" He teased, going back to circling softly.

Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she could barely concentrate. "No," she spit out, even as her body said otherwise.

Avery smirked, and pulled away, leaving her cold. "Oh, well, in that case," he said. "I should probably get back to cooking."

Sage's mouth dropped open, the heat in her body desperate and unfulfilled. "Are you serious?"

He shrugged, the smile in his eyes clear as day. "I can't let the vegetables burn, honey." He returned to the stoveside, and Sage's lower body throbbed with need. His teasing made her want him all the more, and she knew he knew exactly what he was doing.

Outside, a car honked noisily, but it felt muffled against the straining desire burning through her body.

Avery glanced back at her, winked, and said, "Later tonight, I'm going to enjoy eating some Sage" and a rush of electricity shot through Sage's body. She thought to herself, looking at his red bitten mouth: yeah, this was worth the noisy cars and the flashing lights. Really, truly worth it.