She didn't much
Care for the ones
She dubbed


She thought of
Them as quite stupid at the least
And misguided at the most for

Following their bellwethers

Fear, paranoia, and ignorance
Had become so widespread that
It was almost cult-like

So terrified
That blind adherence
Seemed more preferable than

Than whatever over-hyped alternative
(There seemed to be)

Idly, she wondered
If death would have been cruel
Or if death would have been mercy

It'd probably be cruel to them
But probably mercy for her
Or would that happen in the reverse

Either way, death or some form
Would have been more preferable
Than being a sheep

Led by a corrupt or inept bellwether

And they thought of her horrid
For refusing to cow or silly for
Wanting to be lobotomised

At least, being lobotomized
Would mean she wouldn't
Feel her own misery and madness

If she became a sheep