The city of Solstice Washington was a place like many others in the Northwest United States in winter time: cold and miserable. Though a sprawling metropolis with enough people to rival New York City, Solstice was its own kind of town with an extremely negative reputation. Crime was a constant, murder and rape were as common as the rats in the city streets, below the flying car highways. Small wonder most people never went out at night even with the curfew in effect.

You'd have to be a true moron, or out of your mind, to even be outside at night.

Too bad Crowe had to be. Not that he had a choice in the matter to begin with. the life of a fugitive never left the luxury of choice when one's life was on the line.

Standing on top of one of the many skyscrapers in the heart of Solstice, the man named Crowe was contemplating his next move. Dressed in a finely tailored white Armani suit and thin rimmed sunglasses that shielded his eyes from the bright lights of the metropolis of the city before him. He seemed more dressed to be a business man or even a goon from an Italian mafia film. Too bad that wasn't the case for him today. He'd rather be anywhere else but here.

'I'd rather be asleep than here,' the African American man thought to himself before fixing the black neck tie he wore. 'This damn suit is far more trouble than I would have thought possible.'

Case in point was when sirens started to echo from below. They were police sirens and they were getting closer to where he was. At every corner of the building what appeared to be flying saucers painted in red and blue with matching lights popped up. Unmanned armored vehicles the size of Volkswagen beetles that had been given a fancy name by the media but to the dregs of Solstice they were known as gnats. Just like the bug they were nicknamed after, they were annoying.

'So they finally got to me,' said Crowe as he combed back his short black hair. He wasn't in any hurry to run. Once the gnats had found him he knew it would be near impossible to outrun them.

Yet in this outfit that was easier than before.

However the flying saucers weren't the only problem. The door that Crowe had used to get to the roof burst open and out came the special weapons and tactics units, as well as other cops of the Solstice Security Force, all armed with heavy assault rifles and armored shields. At least a dozen men in total. All weapons had laser sights that were all aimed right on Crowe's upper body and head.

"Stay where you are! Move and you're dead!"

The warning from the lead officer was heard but Crowe didn't heed it and instead took off for the opposite side of the roof in a dead run. They didn't wait a second before they opened fire on him. Some bullets hit the ground but others found their mark.

Still Crowe managed to keep running, though it wasn't all him.

Just as he had started to run moments before was when his little secret was activated. the suit, which was more than just a fancy looking outfit, had a few surprises no one could see coming. Nano machines embedded in the fabric started to work their functions, combining together to harden against the impact of the dozens of bullets that started to hit Crowe. the result was the slugs ricocheting off the suit like metal and creating sparks from the impact.

Still they fired at him and still Crowe kept on running. Even when he reached the edge he didn't slow down. He leapt from the edge of the concrete and aimed right for the gnat in front of him-and abruptly fell straight down like a heavy weight. A downside to the suit hardening like armor was the added weight adding an easy two hundred pounds to his already muscled body. Crowe fell, watching the world pass him by. Flying cars, buildings, and even people in the building he had just fell from living their lives in their homes passed him by without a qualm.

The suit hardened to its maximum just before he slammed into the concrete a dozen stories below. the near century old asphalt was already cracked greatly before he fell on it and now there was a deep crater where he stood. Had it not been for the suit he would have been either a splat on said concrete or had every bone in his body crushed to powder. The suit, and it alone, saved him from most physical damage.

As he got to his feet the suit decided to loosen itself and its fabric slacked. Now Crowe felt somewhat normal. He didn't have the time to celebrate it though as the saucers were coming down on him and would begin to chase him with the security teams not too far behind him.

He ran across the street, using the old highway bridges for cover and soon enough, with ducking in and out of old buildings the saucers lost sight of him.

Taking a breather in an abandoned shanty house the man checked his suit over for damages but all he saw was a light layer of dirt on his black trousers. 'Now where I go from here...'

Before he could even get answer for himself, one came to him in the form of an old baby blue 1970s Cadillac, a vehicle that hasn't been seen in abundance in decades. It pulled up to him on the driver's side. The window went down, the engine pleasantly purred like a kitten.

It definitely isn't a part of the security force as it pulled up to comfortably greet the fugitive.

Who appeared inside the car made Crowe lower his guard. A beautiful dark skinned woman with unnatural blue eyes along with slick white padded armor with a circle that exposed her chest. Her hair was dark in the shadows in the car.

"Hello Crowe. Need a ride?"

The man sighed, his luck seeming going down further. "Raven? What are you doing here?"

"Saving your ass. Get in."

Questions bombarded Crowe as he went around to the passenger's side door. Seriously, what was his ex-girlfriend doing here?