I've lived on the same small island, with the same people my entire life. It's all I've ever known. Now, Puerto Rico is a big island compared to others. Not everyone lives by the ocean and surf's every time there's a storm. I like to think we're just like everyone else. I love my island and my culture, even if sometimes it doesn't seem like I do.

My mother and my father had my brother, Alexander, when they were really young. My Mom was 17 and my father was 18. They had been dating for a year or so when he came as a surprise. My grandmother helped my mother finish school and after she graduated, my parents got married.

My father enlisted in the army then they moved to the states and that's when they had me.

We lived in the states for 3 years. My parents didn't have the perfect relationship. I don't remember much about them being together but knowing them, they probably butted heads a lot.

When I turned 3 my mother decided that she could no longer live with my father. She packed up our bags and we went back to Puerto Rico.

I don't remember much about those times. I remember missing my dad a lot and how hard it was to see other kids with their fathers but eventually it just felt normal.

With the help of my grandmother, my mother got a job managing a summer Condos complex in Rio Grande. The job came with good pay, an apartment with 3 rooms and 1 bathroom. That's how we grew up, like some cliche island kids who woke up the sound of the oceans, splashing outside our window and I can tell you, it's the best.

Because we lived in this complex we got to meet a lot of people during the summer. A lot of middle class/high class people from the states had condo's in the complex and they only came for the summer and one of those people was the Foster family.

Mr. and Mrs. Foster were a young looking couple with their two boys. My brother was 7 and I was 6 when they spent their first summer in their condo. Unlike most of our tenants The Foster were kind and down to earth. They didn't care who my mother was or the fact that she was so young and had two kids.

Instead they invited us to dinners, picnic and playdate with them. That's how I met the boys. Adam and Cameron Foster. Mr. and Mrs. Foster twin boys.

Adam and Cameron were the same age as Alexander. If you were to ask Alexander, he would say that they were his friends but sometimes if I complain to my mother or Mrs. Foster they would let me play.

Because of them we looked forward to every summer. They just made our summers memorable.

Now as we got older, things started to change a bit. I became a little more reserved and stopped pestering the boys to hang out with me. Sometimes I would still join them but I wouldn't whine like a child if I was excluded. Especially because my little dump heart decided to start having a crush on Adam.

I think we were 12 and 11 when I started noticing how cute Adam was. Adam and Cameron had joined the soccer league that year so they were a bit more tone when they came by that summer. Adam's hair was shaggy and long, enough to touch his ears, bangs covering his light brown eyes. Seriously, he looked like a kid plucked out of Disney Channel original movie.

I remember me and my brother hearing the Foster family's car drive by as they honked to let us know they were there. We tried to hold back the excitement but eventually rushed down the stairs to see our summer friends.

I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart pounding so hard in my chest I thought I was going to die. I mean I had crushes before, in school but nothing like this. I had never seen a boy so handsome in real life.

That summer was the hardest. I remember trying to look cool and like I could hang out with 12 year old boys. I pulled out all the stops. Playing soccer with them, video games or exploring the very much forbidden pastizal behind the condos but it really didn't catch Adam's attention.

Adam was the leader of our little group. He told everyone what we were gonna do and whenever something needed to be decided, he would have the final say. My brother was second in command and then Cameron was the jokester. He was goofy and if he could make fun of Adam, he would. Me being the follower spent the most time with Cameron.

He did not think Adam was cool and would sometimes venture off and hang out with me. Not the Foster brother I wanted to have alone time with but he was still pretty cool in my eyes. We became pretty close that summer. To the point that I consider Cameron my best friend.

After that summer we started talking throughout the whole year.

Those years were the best.

But as it goes, we all started to grow up.

The last time I saw the boys I was 13 and the boys were 14. Adam had become a broody teenager, my brother was more focused on his friends from the rest of the year and Cameron was preoccupied with something. I had been trying to talk to Cameron throughout the year but I got 2 responses and then nothing.

I tried to get them to hang out, like old times but things were not the same anymore. I couldn't understand how everything had changed between us and then the next summer the boys decided not to come with their parents.

I was devastated. I wouldn't see Adam or Cameron again. I had convinced myself at the point that Adam was the love of my life and I would never meet someone like him again but eventually more summer passed and Adam and Cameron were just a memory.

I am now 17. Summer is here and I am more than ready to have the summer of a lifetime. When summer ends I would go back to school as a senior and then I will be in college, worrying about other things that are not summer. I am determined to have fun and help my mom, of course.

Now the reason I just said all that is because I saw The Foster's car coming around and is not alone.