IMr. and Mrs. Foster had gotten divorce right around the time the boys lost interest in coming to spend the summer. and the boys never came back but kept coming. She always told us that she felt more at home in her condo here on the island than back home.

Suddenly I was looking forward to seeing her every summer. She would always treat me like I was her own daughter and her and my mom had become best friends. It was no longer about the boys and my very dramatic crush on Adam. Mrs. Foster or Deliah, as she liked to be called, was part of our family and having her with us was just a normal occurrence for us.

So when I went down to greet her, I definitely didn't expect two boys getting out of the car with her. Suddenly I regretted my choice in fashion today. Seeing the two very attractive men come out of her car made me feel like maybe I should've wore something more attractive than a pairmof clorox stain shorts and a raggedy tank top with the back showing my very colorful sports bra.

The boy sitting in the front seat, slammed the door shut and turned to look at me. He was tall and very handsome. His hair was long on the top and short on the side, his light brown eyes stared me down as I stood there staring back at him. He kind of reminded me of Robbie Amel. Very attractive but with a bad boy vibe to go with him.

"Sinead!" Deliah screamed, pulling me out of my trance.

"D-Deliah!" I shouted back, regaining my composure, peeling my gaze away from him. I continue walking, meeting Deliah halfway in a hug.

"It's so good to see you!" She said, crushing me in her famous bear hug.

"You're crushing me!" I jokingly whine, making her laugh.

"Always a kidder" She said, stepping back and ruffling my already messy bun. "You remember my boys. Cameron and Adam" she said pointing at the two boys behind her.

I looked at the two boys again. My eyes landed on Cameron first, this time. He also looked tall, his goofy grin still present on his lip. He looked like a white version of Sammy Jo from Dynasty. Very fashion forward and elegant. Then I looked at Robbie Amel look alike and realized that it was Adam.

How did he get even more attractive?!

"Oh my god" I managed to say before Cameron stepped forward and embraced me.

"Long time, no see" Cameron said as he stepped back, his hand on my shoulder as he made a very strong eye contact with me.

"Sure is" I said. Suddenly I felt like I was 13 all over again. The shy, quiet girl that I hadn't been in years. All because Adam was there and just like before he was making my knees weak. Cameron stepped back and me and Adam I made eye contact once again.

"Hey Sid" He said, referring to my childhood nickname as he wore a sexy smirk on his face. A part of me wanted to giggle and fawn over him. To go back to being that pathetic girl that would follow him around; but I am not that girl anymore and I am not giving him the satisfaction of making me that girl again.

"No one calls me that anymore" I said, matching his smirk.

I could tell my snarkiness took him by surprise. I guess he wasn't the only one that had changed in all these years. "That's right. Sinead banned that nickname about 3 years ago" Deliah chuckled as Adam's shocked expression turned into amusement.

"Well, no one told me about the ban on it" He said, crossing his arms. "It's gonna take a bit of getting use to"

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to Deliah who was holding in a laugh. "Anyways," I said. "Are we still on for our annual start of summer BBQ? Abuela dropped off some Sorullos and Alcapurias for us to eat tonight"

"Of course. You know I love your Abuela's fried delicacies" She said with a grin.

"Awesome! Then I'll see you guys later on tonight" I said, glancing back at the boys for a moment before looking back at her. "I'll tell mom you're here. I have to go help with her balcony. Something about the furniture and the vibe of the apartment isn't working for her" I rolled my eyes again.

"Alright. You, be careful shuffling all that around. Don't want you to get hurt before your senior year" Deliah teased making me laugh. I waved goodbye to the family as I headed over to apartment not before texting my brother about who I had just seen.

After spending time with , I ran back home where I found my brother laying down in our couch, eyes glue to his phone.

"Hey, did you get my text?" I asked, kicking off my chankletas.

"Yeah" He said, in his usual bored tone. "I went over and said hello"

"Just like that?" I asked, plopping next to him.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" He raised his eyebrow, his attention now on me.

"I don't know," I shrugged. "You guys haven't spoken in years..."

I always wondered if something happened between the three of them. A part of me knew the twins didn't come back because of the divorce but everything that summer was so different and even though it wasn't like I witnessed them fighting, I could just tell something was off.

"So?" He asked. "I mean we grew up. Nothing dramatic or whatever" He shrugged. "It's not like I deleted them from Facebook or something"

"You have them on Facebook?"

"Yeah. Like I said it wasn't anything dramatic. We just grew up and found other friends" He shrugged again.

"I guess" I whispered.

I wonder how my brother could let go of them so easy. I mean, we had shared the same memories with the twins and yet I still found it difficult to explain why everything had ended the way it did.

Granted, it wasn't like I was obsessing over it all the time but once in a while I would think about the summers we spent together and the memories we made. I wondered if it was because my brother just easily accepted change or was it because I use to like Adam in a different way than he had.

Whatever it was, things had changed and even if I liked it or not; I accepted it. Having them visit this time wasn't going to turn back time. None of us were kids anymore. We didn't talk to each or knew how the other was anymore. They were just two more guests staying at our condo and nothing more.

"So, I'm guessing you still have a crush on Adam if you're obsessing about it so much?" Alex said, that annoying smirk on his face. I never told my brother that I liked Adam but I always suspected he knew.

"First of all: I do not like Adam. Second of all: I am not obsessing about it" I said, sticking out my tongue at him.

Alexander laughed. "Yeah, right!" He cackled. "Like I didn't notice that you would following him around and blush when ever he would even come close to you"

I slapped his leg, causing him to laugh even harder. "Shut up!" I whined. "That was a long time ago. I'm not some kind of freak that obsess for a guy she hasn't seen in a while" I said with a pout. "Beside he's changed. He's not even the same guy anymore. When I saw him today he was acting all cool, like he's some kind of bad boy cliche"

Alex snorted.

"You love cliche" he said. "And he's always acted like that. He was the reason we would go off and get in trouble"

"Well, it's not cute anymore" I said, getting off the couch. "I am a senior now and I don't fall for those kinds of guys anymore. I'm going to get ready for the BBQ. made me move her furniture from one side of the apartment to other like 20 times"

"Yeah, gotta get all dolled up for Adam" Alexander teased as I headed to my room.

"Fuck you" I yelled before slamming my door.

After taking a shower, I decided to wear a cute tank top and a pair of jean shorts. I know I shouldn't be thinking about how I looked to Adam but I felt that since they hadn't seen me in my best when they got here, the least I could do was to look somewhat presentable now.

I debated on putting on some makeup but I knew that if I did a full face, Alexander would never let me hear the end of it. So I went for a natural look. Something that would make me look good but not too much that my brother would notice.

I let my thick wavy brown hair down, braiding just strands; from my side to the back. I fidget my hair for a bit more before my mother called for me.

"Hey chiquita" My mother greeted me as I walked into the kitchen where she was putting my grandma's treats in a tray for the BBQ.

"Hey Mama" I said, wrapping my arms around her and giving her a hug which she responded with a kiss on my forehead. "Ready to go to the BBQ?"

"Yup" She said, wrapping the tray with tin foil. "I saw Deliah earlier today. Seems like Adam and Cameron decided to come over this summer"

"Yeah, I saw them when they got here" I shrugged. "I never thought they would ever come back"

My mother nodded. "I know Deliah had been wanting the boys to come over again for the summer with her. Seems like she was able to convince them this year" She smiled. "Do you mind showing them around and making sure they don't get in trouble? You know things around here aren't the best and if they get pecked as tourist they could get hurt"

I whined. "But mom, why can't Alex do it. I mean they were a lot closer than I ever was"

"Alexander will help out as well but this is the last summer before he goes off to college and he has things to do. I trust you more to keep an eye on them" She said in the sweetest way she could manage. A trick she liked to use when she wanted me to do something for her.

"But mom!"

"Please Sinead. Just take them around. It won't be that bad" She pleaded.

"Fine" I rolled my eyes and my mother smiled.

"Thank you" She said, touching my cheek. "Now help me with this last tray. Your brother is already over there with the first two"

"Wow. Grandma sure did over did herself this year" I said, picking up the tray and following my mother out of our apartment.

"You know that ever since she retired she has been bored. She was looking forward to making these for us, ''she chuckled. "It gave her something to do"

We continued walking until we reached the pool deck with most of the residents. Someone had placed some tiki lanterns and the music boomed through the air, while two tables were full of food.

"Put those on the table. I'm going to find Deliah '' My mother ordered before disappearing in the crowd.

"Yeah, no problem. What I am here for if not to serve you mother" I said sarcastically as I set down the tray of fried goodies. I took a look around, trying to see if I could see my brother, Cameron, Adam or anyone my age but couldn't see anyone.

I took one of my grandma's Alcapurrias and started to walk around. After a couple of minutes I spotted my brother and a couple people my age all the way down the beach, where someone had started a bond fire. I grabbed a couple of more treats before heading over.

"Sinead!" Annie, one of the regular's, shouted my name waving her hand around, catching everyone attention.

"Hey Annie" I said, avoiding everyone else's gaze as I made my way towards her. She smiled apologetically as she handed me a red solo cup filled to the rim. "What's this?" I asked, bringing it close to my nose and giving it a small sniff.

"It's just soda" She assured me. "The real drinks come later in the summer when all the adults stop paying so much attention" She giggled.

I laughed before taking a sip. After Cameron and Adam stopped coming around, I started hanging out with Annie. She was a tall blonde, blue eye girl that enjoyed her summers to the max. She was always up for any kind of adventure and trouble and although I wasn't the kind of person who liked getting in trouble, sometimes being with her brought out the adventurous side of me.

"Oh my gosh" She said, looking over my shoulder. "Did you see the hottie that came this summer?" She asked, as she wore her famously flirty smile.

I turned to see who she was looking at, just to find Adam across the room, speaking to my brother and some other boys. "Oh, that's Adam. You remember him? He use to hang out with my brother back when we were kids" I explained.

"Adam Foster?" She asked but her eyes never left Adam. "Damn, He was cute before but he is down right hot now" She said wiggling her eyebrows.

I started to feel a certain something at the pit of my stomach. As if I had any kind of hold on Adam. Looking back at him and then back at Annie, I realized that they probably would hook up this summer. Annie was basically all teenage boys' wet dreams.

She was fit, blonde and flirty while I was barely fit, had frizzy brown thick hair and the opposite of flirty. If someone was going to get Adam's attention, it was definitely going to be Annie and not me.

Part of me felt a bit bummed. As if I had any chance with Adam; but as much it sucked, it was just the simple truth and at least now I could just enjoy my summer without playing out useless fantasies about Adam and me.

"We should go over there," She said, grabbing my arm and pulling towards the group of boys. I knew better than to protest. When Annie put her mind to something, there was no stopping her. The boys looked over as we came closer. Adam looked at Annie and then me, which I only offered an awkward smile. "Hello boys" She said, her voice low and sultry.

"Hey Annie, how's it going?" My brother was the first one to answer. I always had a suspicion that he had a crush on her.

"Oh you know, just looking forward to this summer to really start" She said, batting her eyelashes. Was she flirting with my brother? That's just sickening.

"Do you have any plans?" Another boy, I recognize as Jensen; one of my brother's school friend, asked.

"So far; surfing, tanning, jet skiing. You know the usual" She shrugged. As she kept on talking, all the boys' attention was one her. She kept trying for me to say anything but I knew they didn't want to hear anything from me. That was just the effect Annie had on boys. It was impressive.

I gaze out to the ocean, wondering if I could get away from this conversation when I felt someone's attention on me. My eyes gazed around until my eyes met Cameron's on the other side.

He made his way towards me, leaned in and whispered. "Wanna take a walk?"

I smiled at him, silently thanking him for whisking me away from having to watch Annie bat her eyes at the boys. I turned to tell Annie I was taking a walk but she was drinking in the boy's attention. I don't even think she noticed me and Cameron walking away.

"How've you been Sinead?" He asked as soon as we were a good distance away from everyone. We stopped walking once the music sounded like a murmur and sat on the cold sand, each holding on to a red solo cup full of soda.

I shrugged. Now that he was asking, I couldn't really think of anything to tell him. All of the sudden my life seemed pretty lame and boring. "I've been good," I answered. "You know, same old, same old. Going to school. Hanging out with my friends. Helping my mom with the condos enjoying every summer as it comes" I shrugged again. "What about you?" I asked, as I wrapped my arms around my legs, bringing them close to my chest.

"Pretty good" He said with a shrug. "Finished school, on my way to college. You know regular stuff" He chuckled.

"What college are you heading to?" I asked.

"UFC" He answered.


Silence fell upon us, like neither of us could find something to talk about. To think that a couple of years back we would talk for hours but not it was kind of awkward.

"Listen, I feel like I need to apologize" He said, breaking the silence after what seemed like an hour. "That last summer..." He continued. "I know I was an ass"

I smiled softly, knowing exactly what he was talking about. "You weren't a complete ass" I teased.

"I was" He chuckled again. "I should've just told you what was going on but things seemed so dramatic back them and didn't know how to handle what was going on in my life"

"I understand," I said, reaching out and placing my hand on his shoulder.

"I also didn't know how you would react..." He said, a little bit more softly.

The moment I heard those words, I knew what he meant. I had known for a while but it never really occurred to me that he might be struggling to tell me. To think back to those days, watching him struggle with himself, just made sense now.

Quickly I shifted and wrapped my arms around him. "I'm just happy, you are happy" I said, hugging him tight.

I felt him stiff under my hold and eventually relaxed. "I always knew you understood" He shifted his body to wrap his arm around me. "I'm still sorry I was an ass back then" He laughed, making me laugh.

"It's okay. You can make up for it this summer" I said, as I leaned back to look at his face. "I'm sure now that we are older, there a lot more we could do"

"Look at you Miss 'I'm no longer a shy cupcake'" He teased, wiggling his eyebrow. I laughed and slapped his shoulder.

"What can I say, a girl can change"

"So I'm assuming you don't have a crush on my twin brother anymore?" he raised his eyebrow and I could feel a blush creeping up my face.

"How did you...?"

"Please. I saw the way that you looked at him" He teased again, poking my side and making me squirm.

"How embarrassing!" I whined, throwing myself back on the sand, covering my eyes with my arm. "Did everyone know about my crush on him? Was I that obvious?"

"Not everyone..." He laughed. "I don't think my dear brother knew you liked him but for the rest of us, it was pretty obvious"

"Greeeat and here I thought I was so cool and subtle" I groaned. I let the heavy pit in my stomach sink in before I sat back up. "No, I don't have a crush on him anymore. I haven't seen him in years. It would be weird if I did"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I think it would be pretty sweet"

"I think you mean pathetic" I rolled my eyes.

"I don't know, I always thought you guys would end up together or something"

"Ha!" I let out a loud laugh. "Adam barely knew I was around. We never talked and we had nothing in common. We still don't"

"You don't know that. My brother has changed a lot too" He poked my side again. "Still broody but still different. Heck, I kind of like him now" He smiled.

"I'll just take your word for it" I said. "Adam will always see me as Alexander's little sister and he will always be your brother. That's pretty much how it is and I'm very okay with it" I poked him back. "Besides, Annie has her eyes on him and she always gets what she wants" I said pointing back at Annie and the boys still deep in conversation.

"Believe me, we have a lot of Annie back home. What we don't have is a lot of Sinead" He said, placing his arm across my shoulder and pulling me close to him. "And let me tell you he doesn't want Annie"

I tried not to let his words distract me. I wanted to ask him if he meant that Adam also had a crush on me back then or if he meant that he had mentioned something about me now but I didn't buckle. I was determined not to become that pathetic girl again and I wasn't about to go down on my own promise.

I would enjoy the summer and not worry about Adam or anything that had to with him.