A spinning green globe popped up on the holo-display, and a low buzzing sounded. Canon slid his feet down from the control panel, straightening his back. "Answer."

"Canman!" Jett's face filled the holo-display on the front panel of Canon's one-man ship.

Canon relaxed his shoulders and put his feet back up on the panel. "Jetlag, my man, 's happening?"

"You see the rap sheet for the guy we're tracking?"

"Got it right here." Canon pulled up his tablet and skimmed the list of charges on the perp: public disturbance, threatening the peace, political nuisance. All petty infractions. Guy must've seriously rubbed someone the wrong way, or else the emergency line at the Jovian office wouldn'ta gotten an alert at 0230 Standard time.

It wasn't often their tracking agency got assignments directly from government. They usually worked missing persons cases for the private sector. If Canon had wanted government work, he'd have joined the military—and if he'd done that, his parents would have found a way to disown him a second time.

"Kind of a different gig. We never tracked a cult leader before." Jett smirked. "Can't wait to see what he's like."

"How do you know he's a cult leader?" Canon downed the last of his coffee.

Jett's jaw dropped. "You telling me you've never seen this guy?"

Canon set down his thermos. "What, you met him?"

"No way, man, but his holo's are everywhere. Seriously haven't seen him?"

"Nah, I don't watch that stuff." Canon hadn't seen the news in months. Better not to be reminded about a galaxy he couldn't be a part of, not until his contract ended.

Jett shook his head. "Talks somethin' crazy. Half the time I can't tell if he's a pacifist or if he wants to take down the GC."

Neither sounded like the worst idea to Canon. Pacifism meant living longer, but sooner or later, someone had to take out the Galactic Commission. Leave it to a cult leader to think he'd be the one to do it. "Crazy stuff."

"It gets weirder. His weird cult followers edit the footage, make him look like some kinda deity."

"Huh." A person who made a noise and developed a following was only as dangerous as his ideals. If he spoke in riddles and his followers edited the footage, he was an unknown. No wonder the GC had hired them.

"Gives me the creeps, man." Jett shuddered. "You should look him up. Get an idea of what we're up against."

Canon glanced at the navigation. "Can't, I'm a hundred clicks out from Europa's atmosphere. Gotta switch to manual."

"Yup. See you there."

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