3 years ago, I began on Creature Grid: Elemental Clash. Looking back at it, I always felt a strange mix of emotions. The joy of having completed it, but also the shaking feeling of 'I could have done better', and 'I can't believe I thought that was good back then'. As unsure as I am if other writers feel that kind of emotion about their previous works, I am sure of one thing. There was plenty of things in Creature Grid that I thought of doing, but at the time had no clue how to do. Back then, I was still 'evolving' Creatures as is, tinkering with what could and could not be okay, etc. Knowing what I do now, This is why Creature Grid: Elemental Clash -V-ictory is being made. If you wish to see how it goes, I would appreciate it, but I would also understand if you don't wish to read a story about some guy's made up card game. I'll probably never be like Yu-Gi-Oh, or Magic the Gathering, or Cardfight Vanguard, but I'm okay with that. I wrote Creature Grid for the same reason I do now. I do it for fun, and to write a story. Thank you in advance if you tag along for the ride of Frost Cova's adventures throughout Creature Grid: Elemental Clash -V-ictory.

On what appeared to be a plains, a young woman with flowing golden hair stared up at the stars. "So it's come to this...The soldiers of both light and darkness have manifested on a new home. It's only a matter of time before their fated encounter..." She said to herself. "All I can do now is hope for the correct outcome. Just the same as her, I am powerless to do anything but watch, as it stands..."

Elsewhere, however, a boy with light blue hair and ocean blue eyes was having a considerably strange dream, in a strange 'room' of nothing but white light. He then noticed what appeared to be a card-shaped blue light in the center of the room. Something seemed to compel him to take a step forward, and then another, before he knew it, he was walking towards that light.

"You...are a strange human. Most desire power. Others desire the devotion of those around them. Yet your desires...Your desires are pure. Almost too pure. A heart that radiates empathy, something that appears lost among a vast majority of others, and yet can sometimes be a stronger source than strength..." A voice echoed out, surprising the boy, who managed to stop walking forward. "This card will determine not just your destiny, but the destiny of two worlds. You, among with others who bear the light, and others who bear the darkness, will determine that fate. If you can bear the responsibility...The power to save those you hold dear will be in your hand. If you have the courage, child...Then grab that card, and determine your destiny." The voice said, as the boy seemed to hesitantly hold out their hand...before grabbing the card, as it manifested into what appeared to be a trading card, with a cyan wolf on the artwork...