Chapter One

When Alex had approached the train, the train conductor had already shouted, "ALL ABOARD!"

Alex hurried to get onto the first train car. With his cell phone in his left hand, he used the other to grab the bar by the door to swing into the train. He almost lost his footing and he swore under his breath. The train sounded off and it started to roll. The ground below rolled fast, the wind whipped past Alex's face.

"Whoo," he said. "Close one."

His cell phone chimed and he looked at it. "Welcome Aboard," it read.

He had received a strange call hour-and-a-half earlier, claiming there was something waiting for him at the train station. Naturally, he put his phone away, ignoring it completely. Until he received another call. It called him by his name and a chill went through his spine. If it was a spam call, it wouldn't know his name, but this wasn't. He paced around his living room for a few minutes, before grabbing his backpack and black baseball cap and hurried out the door, leaving a note for his parents, saying he'll back in thirty minutes.

When he had reached the train station, he took the elevator down to the train platforms, but when it didn't stop, he was shaking. Lower and lower, faster and faster, all he could see around him was dark and a few thin streams of light. He banged on the glass, thinking whatever brought him here would hear him.

The elevator finally reached a floor, but it wasn't a floor he recognized. It was similar to the train station above, but the walls were cracking ,the floor covered in leaves, the trains all lit up. No one was in sight, aside from the train conductor standing on the edge of the nearest train.

Alex, rolling his eyes at himself, attempted to text back, but the text wouldn't go through. He tried again and again, but nothing went through. "Whatever," he mumbled to himself. He opened the door and to his surprise, there were no other passengers. The orange seats were absolutely cleaned and polished, the floors were freshly waxed. Bright lights saturated the entire car. "I really should've stayed home," he said.

The train sped up and the world started to shake. Alex fell to his knees, dropping his phone in the process. Out the windows, streams of blues and greens flew past. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!"

His phone chimed again and on the screen it read, "Welcome to the Digital World, Alexander." Then it began to morph. A white bubble surrounded it, twisting and folding, until it transformed completely into a new device Alex has never seen before. It was red and white, half the size of his phone.


The train stopped suddenly, giving Alex enough time to grab the device and inspect it. It felt warm and it was heavy. "What are you?"

The train began to roll again, but smoother this time. It went fast and something out the window caught his eye. He looked and appearing were what seemed to be small screens. As he walked closer, the screens showed a group of children standing by little monsters, the next were five with similar dinosaur-like creatures, and the next were three kids and running towards the screen was a small red t-rex with black stripes.

Slowly, the train slowed and environment outside shifted to a forest landscape. The doors opened and Alex hesitantly stepped out. The air was clean, a slight breeze ran through the trees. The ground below felt completely solid. "Hello?"


"Hello? Anyone here?"

Nothing again.


"Yup, me!"

Alex screamed almost dropping the device.