p class="MsoNormal" Why do babies come into the world crying? Have you ever really thought about that? There really is no reason for it, well, other than they were just in a warm cozy place and they were just forced out into this cold, scary world. It's something that I have thought about for may years, the only thing that really makes sense to me, however there was one day, while listening nonchalantly to a podcast, I almost lost my lunch over it. I realized in that moment how much I had just been enjoying my life; the seemingly only one I have. That, however, can simply not be the case./p
p class="MsoNormal"span style="mso-tab-count: 1;" /spanAt some point in time there were very few humanoid species on the planet. Believe it or not, there weren't always 7.2 billion people on Earth. Now matter can not be created or destroyed so at one time, everything came from something. Hell, this hole universe could just be sitting on the shelve of an alien room. To them, we may only be the size of a large pickle jar. Why not? That's all besides the point. I'm trying to say, at one point in time, the single cell organisms that created life on Earth, came from somewhere. They multiplied, and evolved, those organisms multiplied and evolved and so on. And yet within those organisms, there were always more cells to create more life./p
p class="MsoNormal"span style="text-indent: 0.5in;" What happens when we die? SO many theories. Heaven. Hell. Valhalla. Nothing. Something. Anything. There must be something. Well what if, when we die, our "souls" simply move out? I don't know that I would call them souls to be honest, I really don't think that's the right term. Let's use "subconscious". You don't remember a past life, do you? You don't remember being a soldier in WWI. You're only 20. Your parents probably weren't even born until well after WWII. Well after that soldier died in No Man's Land, his subconscious departed his body, discarded on the field, no longer of use. I went into a… holding pattern of sorts, maybe a line as long as the line to the registers at Walmart on Black Friday. Finally, you were created one day. Over the course of nine months, you were broken down. Entering the fetus piece by piece, being torn apart to gently and slowly be put back together in your new body. Finally. 90 years later, but to you, maybe only a few hours./span/p
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p class="MsoNormal" style="text-indent: .5in;"This is where your new life begins. But how would you know? You don't. It's not something to know. Not something we are taught. Therefore, you cry when born. As the final piece of your subconscious is added to the fetus just before birth, its been ripped apart over the course of 9 months, it doesn't know anything, doesn't remember, is incapable of everything. This sensation is new, not the place you just were, it hurts, its cold? I want to go back. 95 years pass and you're on your death bed. Your family gathers around you and the time you thought you would never reach, is finally here. At 25 you thought you would live forever. That mid life crisis everyone talked about? That was too real. Now you are ready to leave this place, all your belongings and loved ones. You feel your heart slow, things get blurry and a bit darker. You aren't scared, you feel warm and comfortable. Your sight is slowly waning, but you can still hear the voices of your children and grand-children. "It's okay mom, you can let go now. Everything is going to be okay." With the last beat of your heart, you whisper I love you and everything slips away./p
p class="MsoNormal" style="text-indent: .5in;"Your body is numb, its dark, warm, quiet. And you're flying. There are colors never seen by human eyes and a feeling only to be described in English as safe. You already have lost all memories, the ability to speak, write, read, for you have no way of doing so anyways. The memories were left behind with your children and grand-children to remember you by. The cycle restarts. Your world is cold again, why? I want to go back./p