Aimed at providing hands on care for patients scheduled for surgery, Subrata Chakravarty evaluates the risks and plans the course of Anesthesia care for the patient. He works as an intraoperative physician who looks after the patient undergoing surgery from initiation of Anesthesia till the recovery phase.

Subrata joined as Staff Anesthesiologist with Alberta Health Services and he continued to practice and teach. He was appointed as Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta. Currently, he lives in Edmonton along with his family. He is happily married to his wife of more than two decades and has two great kids.

Being into anesthesiology since 15 years, Subrata Chakravarty has been highly involved in acute care in surgical programs and labor analgesia for a long time. He has developed interest in Addiction Medicine and Chronic Pain. Subrata has always in involved in teaching and practicing safe airway management.

Subrata pursued higher education and specialization in Anesthesiology after completing his tenure in Army. Following his passion for the field of anesthesia, he believed that it would give him a platform where he would be able to take care of challenging cases and scenarios that require both skills and expertise.

Following his passion, he got his training as Clinical Fellow at KK Women's and Children's Hospital in Singapore. Thereafter, he attained his one year of fellowship in Obstetric Anesthesia from University of Toronto. In 2008, Subrata Chakravarty attended Mount Sinai Hospital to achieve his fellowship of two years in Clinical Anesthesia.

About Subrata Chakravarty

Pertaining to his current profession, Subrata Chakravarty starts his day with a focused preoperative assessment for evaluating the risks and for planning the course of Anesthesia care for the patients. As an intraoperative physician, his role is to look after the patient undergoing surgery right from the initiation of anesthesia till the recovery phase.