Phil Lovin is a well-rounded professional with experience in a wide range of fields. He has worked for the last three years with REAP NYC as the Chief Chaplin and Volunteer Coordinator, tried his hand in the business sector, worked in executive management in an established retail company, and served as a missionary in The Philippines and Kenya for a few years. Having worked in so many different fields has helped Phil to develop the ability to be personal and technical, creative but organized, & have many other characteristics which allow him to thrive in all kinds of environments.

From the past few years, Phil Lovin has been actively working in the field of addiction recovery and ministry, animal advocacy, and senior citizen advocacy. With his dedicated service, he has managed to garner huge appreciation in all these fields.

About Phil Lovin

Phil Lovin has worked with REAP NYC for the last 3 years as Chief Chaplin and Volunteer Coordinator. Talking about his educational background, Phil has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in Psychology. He also has a doctorate degree in theology and in ministry (seminary). In addition to that, he has received special education in counseling as well.

He is quite passionate about helping others overcome addiction and put their lives back on track. In that order, he volunteers for a number of organizations in New York City that share the same vision. He loves to cook and go for hiking with his friends. Whenever he gets some time away from work, Phil prefers spending it exploring historical places.