It's beautiful...

The light from Terra. Granted, it's not actually from Terra as much as from Sol, reflected from Terra, over millions of kilometers and nearly a century... Just to reach here.

Here on Bron John - yeah, we're one of the unlucky worlds with a combo name, Astronomer Bronne de Gaulle and Astroexplorer John James Arilittle. A small, but hardy, planet.

High metal content, non-existent atmosphere and a magnetic field comparable to Mars - scattered. Luckily, the gravity is Terran-like, so that's great.

Life is hard on BJ... We ration our air and water, there's little greenery beyond the industrialized farms - almost never green any longer than a month before harvest.

But Terra... Beautiful Terra. I see her every day. In the clear, unobscured night sky. She's there, our homeland.

With infinite green, brown and yellow a great ocean... It is hope. It is life.

It is a reminder of why we're here. Not for fun, not for ease, but for Terra and her inhabitants.

- The End