I wish some stories didn't have to end

But sadly everything comes to an end

Whenever you want it or not

Some weren't meant to last forever.

Certain ones dragged on

Making you wonder why didn't end

Sooner with the way things were

Being written.

Others ones you wished kept going

With new words and chapters

Painting the pages

Away forever.

Even ones that abruptly stop

With no more words written

Wondering where it's supposed or go

Or if that is the end itself.

Each of us have our own written story

That we write everyday

Even when we are sleeping

We imagine stories that can be easily erased.

Some stories haven't ended yet

Ones where you are still hoping

Where someone will come back

Or something major will happen to continue on.

Some people don't want to be in your story

And vice versa

While others try to take away your story

Erasing whatever words you put with their own.

Don't let anyone take your story

Your story is what defines you

Sometimes may not be what you want

But as long as you keep on living

Story goes on

And words can still be written

With things still changing.