From the most unfamiliar, and far away port I watch.
Finding myself transfixed, by the twinkling lights.
Now just peeking through, a breaking mist on shore.
Like, my cabin porch light, on a hill in Tennessee.
Veiled in the early fog, nestled among the green trees.
I've missed feeling ease in that my second home.
And I pray for a tranquility there, I find in this moment.
Ashore I imagine contentment in having true roots.
Until it all fades as I set off, to begin yet a new voyage.
A solitary life, care free wandering as a sea gypsy.
I smile at my past, those places gone, on blessings seen.
Wishing often, to share my experiences with someone.
I daydream about love, and traveling with a kindred spirit.
My heart knowing a time comes I must choose one life.
A life built upon reflection, or another built on connection.
But to have both and love, oh would that not be grand?

~Wasting away again in Margaritaville~