Catwoman stepped out onto the balcony of the beachfront hotel and watched the sun slowly set while the waves crashed on the shore. Her well toned muscular body was stuffed into a French bikini that made her huge round tits, taut stomach, firm ass and long, long legs look astounding. The long black hair fell over her full rich body, reaching down to that perfect ass. Her face never failed to turn every man's head in the room. Even Batman was not immune. On more than one occasion she had caught him checking her out in more with more than casual interest.

The tall beauty sipped her wine and smiled to herself at the thought of Batman. Superman came to mind, too. The two heroes would be shocked and appalled if they knew what she knew, that is, hat had become of their fantasy woman.

Of course, she wasn't positive. That's why she was here in Los Angeles to confirm the rumor, then to gloat and then a little more.

"Time to find out if my greatest fantasy has come true." Catwoman smiled and went back into her hotel suite. She walked into the huge bedroom with its rich furnishings. The raven-haired beauty pulled off the swimsuit and tossed it on the bed. She picked up her dark purple jumpsuit Even the act of putting on her jumpsuit was done with cat-like grace. She savored the feel as it hugged her body like a glove. Her stiletto-heeled boots came next and then her gloves. She flexed the glove and the razor shape claws flicked out. Catwoman wrapped herself t in a clock to cover the costume and stuffed her mask into one of her pockets. The stunning woman picked up the phone and dialed.

"I'll need my car brought around front." She said.

Three hours later, Catwoman sat in the Lexus watching the dark haired beauty work the corner like a seasoned pro. It had taken an hour to find the bitch. But there was no mistaking that Amazon even if it was stuffed into a tight red leather dress. The zipper front was pulled down so her johns could see lacey red bra, straining to hold her huge tits. Black hair that was thicker and wavy than Catwoman's flowed over that amazing body, making her the ultimate male fantasy.

For the last two hours, Catwoman had watched her work corner, giving blowjobs and more in cars, even the alley.

"Wonder Whore." Catwoman smirked as she pulled on her mask and adjusted it so the ears were straight and her hair hung loose. She snatched up her whip and climbed out of the car. The tall woman walked across the street and right up to the once proud and mighty Amazon.

"Hi, looking for some fun?" Wonder Woman smile, "I am a fun girl."

"Yes, you are," Catwoman said, "At least you are now. My, my, how the high and mighty have fallen."

"So what you looking for," Wonder Whore grinned, "I am the best pussy licker and love to take it up the ass."

"I am looking for you. I am going to take you back home and put you to work for me. Yes, but it will be more than whoring. No, my dear. I see movies. Lots of movies of you in the future."

"Hey, the bitch is working. Now make a deal or move on."

Catwoman whirled around and smirked at the blond haired man standing behind her. He had the looks of an All American boy except his hair was slicked back and the leather suit, red shirt and gold chains made him look like a punk.

"And you must be her pimp?" Catwoman said, "However did a punk like you tame Wonder Woman? I just don't get it. You don't look like you could be any good in bed. How many times did you have to fuck her before she broke?"

"I never have fucked her," Steve Trevor said, "I just pimp her but I can watch. I have to watch. So I can see what I am missing."

"And he is missing so much," Wonder Whore giggled.

Catwoman was taken back and stared at the two grinning morons. A pimp who didn't fuck his whore. A little voice in her head told her to walk away and leave it along.

"Screw that," Catwoman laughed as she pulled out her whip and lashed it out.

The tall villianess coiled the end around Steve's ankles and yanked the pimp right off his feet. She walked up and looked down at the stunned man.

"Nighty night!" Catwoman laughed as she smashed him in the face.

Catwoman grabbed Wonder Whore by the hair and dragged her across the street. She gave her a couple of good slaps before stuffing her into the trunk of the car.

"My mistress won't like this!" Wonder Woman whimpered, as the lid was slammed closed.

"I'm your mistress now, bitch!" Catwoman laughed and wondered who the dumb slut was talking about.

In less than an hour Catwoman had Wonder Whore back at her suite and kneeling before her.

"I have to arrange for a private plane to take us back," Catwoman said. "Then you and I are going to have some fun."

"My mistress won't like that." The ex-Amazon sobbed, "She…."

Catwoman grabbed the beautiful whore and dragged her over to a chair. She sat down and bent her over her knee.

"I AM YOUR MISTRESS NOW!" Catwoman snarled as she began to spank the struggling bitch. "You better learn that now!"

"OW! OW! OW!" Wonder Woman sobbed, thinking she should be used to getting spanked by now. "OW!"

Catwoman shoved the sobbing woman to the floor and held her by the hair while she unzipped her jumpsuit. She peeled it down around her ankles and then shoved her captive's face into her crotch.

"LICK ME BITCH!" Catwoman laughed, "Show me what a great whore you are!"

Wonder Whore's training took over and she stuck out her tongue. She began to run her tongue all over the dark haired pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Catwoman sighed in sheer bliss, "I bet you learned to lick pussy on that island. All those women and no men. What else is there to do?"

The kneeling whore just slurped and licked on the pussy until it was soaking wet. She lapped in the sweet juice while running her tongue over the slit. Wonder Woman showed no shame while pleasuring the woman. She had done it countless times for her mistress and other female clients.

Catwoman was panting and gasping as she squirmed around in the chair. She reached down and began to fondle the huge tits. Her head filled with images of how much fun it was going to be to have the great Wonder Woman as her sex slave. It was the perfect revenge against that dolt Batman. She had seen the way he had looked at the Amazon bitch.

"OH! OH GODDDDD!" Catwoman screamed as she came. She leaned back in the chair and squealed again.

"I hope you can pay for that."

Catwoman sat up and gasped at the sight of the beautiful woman standing in her suite. She was wearing a long white dress that showed off her hourglass figure. The front was cut to show off her amble bosom. Her long black hair was pinned up into some kind fancy twist.

"Who the hell are you!" Catwoman sputtered as she shoved Wonder Whore away and jumped to her feet. She pulled her whip and stepped forward for battle. Sadly the tall woman forgot her tight jumpsuit was wrapped around her ankles. Catwoman fell face down into the plush carpet with a loud grunt. Dazed for a second she shook her head. The shapely woman swore as she started struggled to get up but a heavy foot came down on her back.

"UGHHHH!" Catwoman grunted as she was held down. She glanced back and saw a gigantic black man dressed in a tuxedo was holding her down with one of his huge shoes.

"I am Stella." Stella smiled as she went to the mini-bar, opened it and took out a bottle of wine, "I would ask if you minded me running up your bill but considering how much money you have cost me by snatching away my favorite employee, I don't think I will."

Catwoman stopped struggling for a second. She had heard of Stella. Not a woman you wanted to cross but it was past that now. She would just have to show her who the bigger bitch was.

"Oh Mistress, I didn't want to go!" Wonder Woman scrambled over and began to kiss Stella's white high heels, over and over. "She said she was my mistress but I knew that wasn't true. I love you. You know that."

"Of course you do, Wonder Whore," Stella smiled.

"Am I really your favorite?" Woman Whore as she continued to kiss her feet.

"Of course, you are Wondie. Oh, Stevie!"

Steve, now sporting a black eye, stepped into the room and bowed his head.

"Take Wonder Whore back to her corner," Stella snapped, "How I punish you will depend on how much she makes up for lost time. Now go!"

"Wonder Whore." Steve snapped, "We got to get back to work."

Steve had no choice but to obey. Stella had used that damn magic lasso of Wonder Woman on him. Now he could only obey. He would pimp out the woman he loved and be force to watch her whore herself.

Wonder Woman was in the same situation. Outwardly loving and adoring Stella but inside hating the whore she had become.

The two ex-lovers scurried out of the room, closing the door behind them.

"LET ME UP YOU BITCH!" Catwoman snarled. "I swear you are going down and hard.

"You are not in a position to make demands or threats," Stella smiled as she poured the wine into a glass, "Oh the large man holding you down is Shaft. Sort of a personnel manger and trouble shooter."

"That's me." Shaft grinned as he studied the rich body under his foot, "Love to shoot trouble."

"Now the introductions are over, we can move on. I am not in a good mood which is not good for you."

"LIKE I CARE!" Catwoman yelled as she struggled around.

"You should. Care deeply. If I was in a good mood. I would just give you a good spanking and fuck you and send you on your way. But I was at a party and having the best time and almost had last month's playmate into the sack. And BAM! I get called away because some slut in a catsuit decides she can just walk into my town and grab my most prized possession."

"Let me up," Catwoman said, "I will admit that I may have been wrong in my actions. We can make a deal."

"Shaft," Stella smiled as she sipped her wine.

Shaft reached down and grabbed both of her arms. He then removed his foot from her back and pulled her arms together. With one massive paw, he grabbed her wrists and with the other grabbed a hand full of her head.

"UGH!" Catwoman grunted as he pulled back on her hair and wrists to bring her to a kneeling position. Being on her knees wit her wrists and hair pulled back, it forced her chest out making her exposed huge tits to look even bigger.

"Oh my," Stella said as she cupped one of her tits, "These are just so delicious. Almost as good as Wonder Whore's…and mine."

"If you are finished," Catwoman snarled, "Have this caveman let me go. HEY!"

"Finished? Why sweetie, we have just begun," Stella said as she reached down and began to finger Catwoman's pussy. She evilly smiled as the raven-beauty squealed from the fondling.

"I think I know just what to do with you."


"How can I not?" Stella smirked as she put down the glass of wine. She went to the bar where she had set down her purse. The beautiful woman pulled out a silver bottle and a white cloth. She poured some sweet smelling liquid into the cloth.

"What are you doing?" Catwoman cried as she struggled. She bucked and twisted, but couldn't escape Shaft's steel like grip, as Stella walked back and pushed the cloth into her face.

"This is my own knock out drug," Stella smiled, "I gave it a nice smell. I figured if someone is going to get knock out, they might as well enjoy the experience."

"MPHHHHHHHH!" Catwoman screamed into the cloth. She fought for a few seconds than slumped.

The first thing that Catwoman realized when she awoke was that she was on her knees. The second thing was the taste of a rubbed bit that was shoved into her mouth and locked behind her head. As she became more aware, she looked down and saw that she was no longer wearing anything of her own. Instead she had been stripped and was now wearing a black leather harness with silver studs locked around her waist with half cups that lifted her tits, making them look huge and perky. Her hands were pulled behind her back and bound to the back of the harness with what felt like steel rings. The final humiliation was a thick leather collar that was wrapped around her neck. A silver chain dangled down between her heaving tits.

The bound beauty looked around and studied the room. There was a four-poster bed with a flowered quilt on it. A padded bench sat off to one side. What looked like a pull up bar was in another corner but this one had leather shackles attached to the crossbar and support poles. A large cupboard held all kinds of dildos, vibrators, gags and other bondage equipment.

It didn't take a genius to figure out she was in Stella's personal training room.

"MPH!" Catwoman grunted as she struggled to her feet.

"Don't get up on my account," Stella said as she walked into the room.

Her long black hair was loose and fell over her muscular body, making her look incredibly sexy. The bright red hip boots with spiked heels and matching leather corset made her look quite intimidating.

"I prefer you on your knees," Stella smiled as she flicked the riding crop she was holding, "It shows you who is in charge."

"UGH!" Catwoman swore through the gag.

"You must learn your place," Stella smiled as she walked over and laid the riding crop across the back of Catwoman's knees.

"UGHHH!" Catwoman squealed as she dropped to her knees. She glared up at her captive.

"No one does this to me!" Catwoman thought as Stella moved in front of her.

"I am going to put you to work on the same corner as Wonder Whore." Stella smiled, "You may well as accept it. Your life as a thief and what ever else you do is over. You will learn to use the phrase: 'Honey, looking for a date?'. "

"MPHHHHH!" Catwoman screamed through her gag as she violently shook her head.

"Oooo, no, no. This is your future. I have some magic I can use if all else fails."

Stella smiled as she looked over at the golden lasso hanging on the wall by the bed.

Catwoman could only glare as Stella began to run the tip of the riding crop over her boobs and down to her crotch.

Stella used the crop to toy with her body, debating where to begin. She slowly walked around the bound woman.

"Where does one begin with a body like yours?" Stella sighed, "Those tits need sucking, that pussy could use a fuck and as could that rock hard ass."

"UGHHH!" The raven-haired beauty grunted, trying to ignore the leather tickling her body.

"You know. I just had a thought. I bet you have never been spanked."

Catwoman shot daggers with her eyes as she swore through the gag. She grunted as Stella grabbed her by the leash and began to pull her over to the padded bench.

"Crawl my little slave!' Stella laughed as she whipped her ass, "Crawl for me!"

"AW! AW! AW!" Catwoman yelped, as she was force to crawl on her knees across the room. It took four lashes to make her bend over the seat. She glumly knelt there as she was fastened down with a thick belt.

Stella quickly spread her legs and locked them to the base of the bench. She gave the magnificent ass a pat and then began to whip her ass.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Catwoman screamed as the crop lashed her ass. Huge tears filled her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. She tried to sit up but her bondage held her in place. The shapely brunette wept like she had never wept. Her ass felt like it was on fire. She strained against her bonds but there was no escaping her punishment.

Stella stopped her whipping and studying the red striped ass. She leaned down and gave it a kiss. The sultry woman walked in front of her helpless captive and smiled.

"Okay, bitch," She snapped, "Now I can move on to your tits and pussy or you can put that sweet mouth to work on my pussy."

"NAGGGG!" Catwoman screamed through her gag as she shook her head.

"As you wish. Maybe you like being punished. That is how it is sometimes. You strong independent women want to be put in their place."

Stella unbound her from the bench. She spun the woman around and then bent her backward on the bench. The shapely woman used the belt to hold her down.

Catwoman watched Stella push a button and two poles rose out of the bench. She grunted as her captor pulled up her legs and used some leather thongs to bind them to the poles. The heroine found herself on her back with her legs spread wide.

"Comfy?" Stella smiled down at her bound beauty. "You sure about that pussy licking?"

Catwoman tried to look defiant but sniffing back her tears didn't help. The bound beauty arched up and wailed in shock and horror as the leather crop lashed across her tits. In seconds she was screaming and sobbing as Stella whipped her tits.

"Okay, that enough for the boobs," Stella panted, "Now for the pussy."

"NAWWW!" Catwoman squealed through her gag.

"What?" Stella asked. "What is that? You ready to lick my pussy?"

Catwoman frantically nodded her head as she blinked away her tears.

Stella walked up by her head and took off the gag. She traced her face with the tip of the crop.

"Now you were saying?" Stella smiled.

"All right, all right, you psycho bitch," Catwoman snarled, "I'll lick your pussy but know this I will hunt you down…..OWWWWW!"

Stella brought the crop down across her pussy and grabbed her captive by the hair. She twisted her head back.

"I don't like your attitude," She growled, "It needs adjusting. More whipping is needed."

"NO! NO! I will lick your pussy. I will lick your pussy…mistress."

Catwoman almost choked on the words but kept begging to lick her pussy.

"Excellent," Stella said, "Now stick out that tongue, my pet."

Catwoman gulped forcing down her anger and stuck out her tongue.

"Perfect," Stella cooed as she threw her leg over her captive's head and pressed her crotch down on her mouth.

The bound beauty fumed as she began to lick the pussy sitting on her face. Catwoman was soon running her tongue up and down the slit. She soon tasted Stella's sweet juices, the helpless heroine slurped down the sweet stuff while she continued to lick.


"Mmmmmph!" Catwoman moaned as she stuck her tongue into her slit and worked it around. Stella's squeals of joy filled her ears as she continued to lick out her pussy.

"OH SWEET JESUS!" Stella screamed as she climaxed. She grinded her pussy down into her captive's face. "OHHHHH! RIGHT THERE! OH! OH! YESSSSSSSS!"

Catwoman licked and sucked on the pussy with loud slurps, making the bitch climax over and over. She was thrilled when the pussy was pulled away. She watched Stella walk over to the cupboard and take down a strap on. The dildo mounted to the leather belt was huge with small bumps on it.

"You, you…can't," Catwoman sobbed, "Please. I have money."

"So do I. Maybe more than you." Stella said as she strapped on the dildo. "But you also have a pussy that I think needs fucking. Oh Shaft, how nice of you to join us."

Catwoman looked around and gasped at the sight of the giant black man. His massive body was ripped with muscles. But what really caught her eye was the telephone pole of a cock sticking out.

"OH GOD NO!" Catwoman screamed as the big man came over and rubbed his cock over her face.

"Put that talented tongue to work, slut," Shaft snared as he pinched one of her tits.

"OW!" Catwoman yelped." AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

Catwoman had forgotten about Stella until the plastic cock shoved into her pussy. She arched up and screamed as her tight twat was filled with the hard dildo. In seconds she was screaming her lungs out as she was royally fucked.

"Start licking whore!" Shaft ordered as she pinched her tit again.

"AUGHHH!" Catwoman yelped again and them stuck out her tongue. She glumly began to lick the huge cock. The bound beauty ran her tongue up and down the hard meat. She worked down to the balls and began to suck on them without being told. Her body was now throbbing with a heated sexual pleasure like she had never known.

Stella pounded the plastic cock in and out with delight as she watched the slut suck on Shaft's balls. She grabbed her tits and mashed them around as lay down and began to suck on a nipple.

"MMMMMM!" Catwoman sighed as tits were sucked and fondled. She ran her tongue up to the cock head and spread lips into a wide oval. The bound beauty grunted as the cock stretched her lips even wider. Then she screamed as an orgasm hit her.

"Yeah, you just keep swallowing, baby," Shaft laughed as he enjoyed to feel of her hot wet mouth around his tool."

"You fucking whore!" Stella laughed. "You are going to make me so much money!"

"MPHHHHHH!" Catwoman screamed as she came again. She pushed as much as the cock as she could into her mouth. The bound beauty began to suck and lick the shaft with heated lust.

"OHHHHHH!" Shaft grunted as the mouth caressed his cock with loud slurps.

Stella sucked and fondled the big boobs while grinding her dildo in and out. She watched the bound bitch suck on Shaft's cock like a pro.

Catwoman was lost in her own lust. She sucked on the cock with sheer bliss while pushing against the plastic cock. Her tits were throbbing which increased her pleasure. The bound beauty screamed as she came again.

"OH YEAH!" Shaft yelled as she emptied his cock into the sucking mouth.

"AUGHHHHHH!" Catwoman screamed as she was forced to drink the cum filling her mouth. She slumped back, gasping and sobbing when her two captors pulled out. She watched them laugh as they untied her from the bench.

"I think we need to go to bed," Stella said as she moved the bound woman over to the bed.

"Absolutely," Shaft laughed as he swatted her ass.

"Please…wait." Catwoman sobbed as she was forced onto the bed and made to kneel.

Stella sat back against the pile of pillows and spread her legs. She tugged on the leash and laughed.

"You know what to do, slut," Stella snapped as she pulled her head down toward her pussy.

Shaft laughed as he moved behind the kneeling beauty. He patted her ass as he watched her begin to lick Stella's pussy. He enjoyed the show for a while and then spread her ass cheeks.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Stella shrieked into the pussy as an iron spike was plowed into her ass.

Catwoman still horny from the last double team was soon thrusting back against the cock in her ass while pushing her tongue into the pussy. She slurped up the tasty juice, loving the sweet stuff and the feel of that long hard shaft reaming out her ass.

Stella bit her lip and gasped as her sexy captive ate out her pussy like one of her best whores. She ran hands up to her tits and began to pinch them.

Catwoman felt her face begin to burn with humiliation but she couldn't stop herself from sucking on the pussy. She grunted with each thrust of cock. The bound beauty was far from a virgin but not until this day had her ass been fucked.

"OH YEAH!" Shaft laughed, "This bitch's ass has got to be cherry. It is just so tight and sweet."

Shaft dug his fingers into her tender hips as he fucked his cock deep into her tight hole.

"AUGHHHHHH!" Catwoman screamed into the hot wet pussy as the pole slammed all the way into her butt. She felt tears flooding her eyes but couldn't stop slurping on the pussy.


Stella grabbed her head with both hands and pushed her face into her crotch as she came like an atomic bomb. The raven-haired mistress sucked on her lips as she grinded her pussy into her new slave's face.

"MPHHHHHH!" Catwoman sobbed as her face was buried in the wet mound of hair.

Shaft worked in cock in and out with long hard strokes, laughing at each squeal and sob from his new whore. He buried it in her hole and grinded it around with relish.

"AIIIIIII!" Catwoman screamed as an orgasm slammed into her. She arched up her back like a cat and enjoyed the climax.

"You little slut," Stella panted as she enjoyed the tongue lapping over slit.

"OH YEAHHHHHHH!" Shaft grunted as he filled her ass with cum. He laughed when he felt her come around his cock. He pounded in and out until it was empty.

Catwoman collapsed on the bed and sobbed. She rolled over whimpered as Stella put her strap-on back on and Shaft moved up by her head.

"Say ah, whore," Shaft smirked as he pushed his cock into her mouth.

"MPHHHHHHHH!" Catwoman squealed as she began to suck on the cock while the plastic cock pushed into her pussy.

For the next two hours, the raven-haired beauty was used and abused by her two captors. By the time they left her sprawled across the bed all she could do was lay there and stare at the ceiling.

"Take a quick cat nap," Stella laughed, "The night is young."

"We can still make the cutting of the cake if we rush," Shaft said.

"The way my luck is going that playmate may still be there. Have the car brought around."

Catwoman was too exhausted to moved as she watched her two tormentors walk out of the room. She promised herself it would be a quick nap and then escape.


"WHAT!" Catwoman screamed as she was pulled off the bed and thrown to the floor. She looked up and gasped at the sight of six naked men standing around her. She screamed as three of the men forced her onto her side.

"AUGHHHHHHHH!" Catwoman gasped as two cocks pushed into her ass and pussy.

"Wrap your mouth around this," One of the men laughed as he pushed his cock into her gaping mouth.

"MPHHHHH!" Catwoman sobbed as she began to suck on the cock filling her mouth.

The bound beauty grunted and squealed as she was forced to service the three cocks. She felt someone grab her tits and push around something hard. It took a second realized it was another cock. Catwoman was now being fucked by three men while sucking off a fourth man.

"The boss wants this bitch broken," Someone laughed.

"Not a problem. Man, this is best whore since that Wonder Whore."

Catwoman couldn't stop herself for gulping on the cock. She gasped as she climax on the other three cocks. The bound woman bucked and twisted as the four men abused her body.


IIII!" She wailed as she came.

The raven-haired beauty sobbed around the cock, knowing this was just the start of her new life.

Stella brushed out her hair and was trying to decide how to wear it. She smiled to herself and adjusted her silk robe. The shapely villain walked over to a heavy locked door and punched in the code. Stella walked into the room and smirked at the sight of her newest whore.

Catwoman was dangling from the crossbar. Her entire body seemed to be covered with cum mixed with sweat. Her usually silky hair was matted around her face and body, sticky with cum and sweat.

Stella studied the ravished beauty, noting cum was still running out of her pussy and down on to her thigh. She used one finger to push up her chin.

"Ooooo," Catwoman moaned, "Please I…."

Catwoman saw a blurred image of her new mistress and then fainted again.

Stella turned and walked out of the room. She stopped by the intercom and pressed the red button.

"Shaft, take her down and let her sleep for a couple of hours. Then I want her cleaned and dressed for work. My new pussy is going to start making me money."

"Yes, boss."