Aldrin Island, an island owned be world renowned toy tycoon, "Sir Sherwood Aldrin" the man behind the Metamorphers, My Small Horsey, Petshop Kittens, and K. A Jim. Over the years, Padma thought about her life as a hero protecting the good citizens from evil. Now she and her old friends from the S. P. P(Supers Protection Program) to show her daughters the meanings of being a hero..

Tracey Aldrin- The ballet loving eldest sister.

Toyah Aldrin- The younger gymnast sister.

Koo-Wong Aldrin- The kung fu adoptive sister.

Lysette Aldrin- The rocker step-sister.

Jeraldine, "Jerri" Aldren- The robotics half-sister.

Jonas Manthey- Family friend of the Aldrins and Tracey's boyfriend. He's also master chef of the island.

Tucker Manthy- Jonas' younger brother who often picks on Jerri.

Padma Aldrin- An agent of the SPP and former fighter pilot.

Sherwood Aldrin- Wealthy CEO of Aldrin Toy Company.

Hazel- Sherwood's most trusted servant who often gives the girls advise.