The Martyrs: the Generation That Burns

"Perhaps we are indeed the main characters of the story, but who is to say we are not the Galactic Republic in the prequel - No matter how many victories we seize or how many foes we slay, our fate has been sealed from the very beginning." - KR043.

When a portal to another world was created in the deserts of Nevada, the United States, humanity was faced with a choice. Neglect it, and pray nothing happens. Or confront it, and in doing so, pay a dear cost.

Earth chose the latter, and thus, came the heroic tales of the Phasewalker Corps.

And thus, came the numberless skirmishes, battles, and wars that would ravage across Humanity's enemies.

And thus, came the warcry that would soon echo through countless worlds.

"For Earth! For Humanity! For...Victory!"

This is the story of the generation that burns.

The cover is custom created on the Webnovel website.