On Our Skin

The numbers scribbled themselves out on his skin, the ink chaotic and messy. He smiled at seeing them, as there were the highlight of his day

9:30 Doctor's appointment tomorrow

3:00 meeting; CHECK YOUR EMAIL




He greatly liked watching this happen. He always hoped for some kind of address or specific name, but he never saw one.

But then, the words scribbled themselves out:

Go to Ackenstown school at 2 to pick up Jack

He jumped up, and rushed to the computer, and searched up Ackenstown. He sucked in his breath when he saw it was 2 hours away.

This is my soulmate, Noah thought and shook his head. It doesn't matter how far it is.

He hopped into his car and prepared for the long trip.

The whole drive was tense, and every time the car stopped, he was hit with a new wave of frustration. This was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Noah staggered out of the car, exhausted.

He ran into the elementary school. No one was there.

He tried the middle school. Still no one.

High school. Empty.

Noah checked the map again.

There was a community college at the end of town!

He checked the time.

Oh no.


Please, please, please, He prayed, as he ran to the building and flung open the doors. He swung his head around, and saw a car starting to leave the parking lot. He leaped in front of the car and yelled, "Hey! Stop!"

The car skidded to a screeching halt, and a woman got out. She turned to face him, obviously angry and then saw him.

He looked at her and saw the most beautiful person on the planet.

They stared at each other for a moment.

"Are you my soulmate?"

I've always liked reading Tumblr posts about soulmates, so I tried my hand with one. This is a prompt where whatever a person has on their skin, they have it with their soulmate as well. Ex: someone writes their address on their skin, and their soulmate sees the address on their skin as well.

If you're confused as to why they didn't do just that, I put a rule that you can't write down an address or a small specific place to make things harder. This definitely wasn't one of the better things I've written, but welp. I tried.

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1. Get lazy and don't post often

2. Don't inform your readers when you go on camping trips

3. Write things in 1 minute and then post it. (Not this one tho; I worked on it earlier.

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