Elemental Force

The Power of One


"Long ago, there existed the elementals. Beings made purely out of the elements. There were the earth elementals, that stayed near canyons and mountains. The fire elementals, that dwelled inside volcanoes. The water elementals, that existed on the ocean floor. And finally, the wind elementals, that stayed at the tops of the tallest mountains. But, when sentient beings came into being, three more elementals came into existence. Firstly, there were the light elementals. Beings made of pure good and kindness. Then, there were the shadow elementals. They were of both good and evil. Light and Dark. Finally, there was the darkness elemental. Made purely out of hatred and evil.

Not long after its creation, the Elemental of Darkness sought to capture 1 of every elemental. In doing so, he would become unstoppable. So, the gods of Norway, Egypt, and Greece held a council and decided to have one of every elemental work with a mortal companion. Five humans and one elf were chosen to battle the elemental of darkness. But they were overwhelmed. At the last moment, one of the five humans said to the elementals, "GO, find living beings to inhabit." And so, they did.

The elemental of darkness was furious. He set out to try and find the elementals, but he was already too late. The elementals had become spirits inside of living bodies. But he did find two of them, the hosts for the elements of light and shadow. The children's bodyguards escaped and took them to America. There they would be safe, until the right moment came to tell them about their powers."