Zeke stood outside of class getting a drink of water. Zeke was a good friend of Alex's, or he used to be. His parents had transferred him to a private school after middle school. He'd hated every bit of it. The teachers here didn't trust him. Zeke was a big guy and looked to most people like he would hurt them. He had no interests in hurting people, at all.

"Hurry up," the principal said watching him. When Zeke got to this private school, the teachers and faculty didn't trust him. So, they had someone follow him around campus. Zeke's normal chaperon was home sick, so the principal was following him around.

"Hurry up," he said again. Zeke didn't like to be told what to do every minute of the day, in annoyed him.

"Hurry up," the principal said a third time. That made Zeke mad. He turned around, one hand moving across the drinking fountain as he did. "Look pal, I can get a drink of water, when I want, however long I want, okay," Zeke responded angrily. As Zeke's free hand came around, a surge of water came out of the drinking fountain. It soaked the principal completely. "That's it, I've had it," he said furiously. "You're expelled!"

That same night, Mason had another girl over at the house he and Alex shared. "So, Mason, all those rumors at school that the other girls have talked about," the girl said. "Are they true?"

"Na, not at all baby," Mason responded.

"That's good, I was afraid for a minute there, OUCH." "What do you have on your hand, a mini heater," the girl asked, a little irritated.

"What, what are you talking about," Mason asked?

"You're burning my shoulder." "Ow, knock it off." The girl got up furious and confused.

Mason didn't understand what was going on. As he got up to apologize, his hand pressed against the coach. Before Mason could apologize, the girl stormed out, saying as she went, "I'm telling every girl in school what happened." Mason stood there in disbelief. What he didn't realize, was the smoking burnt spot on the couch.

The End