I find myself alone in the cockpit of the largest human project ever to be created staring into the oncoming darkness, less than an hour now until the last of humanity is gone.

The others are of no concern to me, we all face the end in different ways, I wish to face it alone, perhaps some company would be nice but the ones I cared for are already gone.

I remember my time on Kepler- 452b, the good times I suppose you could call them.

Although to be fair I did not enjoy most of my time there, for 20 years I simply suffered alone in my shell. But I was alive at least or so some people would say.

I was lucky when I found friends, slowly I could open up and even find a lover, with them I for the first time found happiness, spending time eating nice food talking about fun things, simply enjoying being alive.

When we learned of our fate it came as a big shock, of course knowing you will die soon probably shocks most people.

Some scientists said they would build a large spaceship to give us a little more time alive but that in the end, we would all die.

It's amazing what people can do when the only incentive is to survive, there was no need for money just a few more months of living.

Not everyone can board that ship, it's the largest human project ever but it could only fit a few hundred thousand people.

They did it by lottery anyone who got a ticket would bring their family with them, I guess I was lucky since I got a ticket, I couldn't bring my family since I had long lost contact with them, so I took my partner with me instead.

My other friends did not make it, it was unlikely enough for one of us to make it let alone all of us.

We left 2 weeks later.

I don't know what happened to my friends in the 2 weeks after we left, you could do a lot with only two weeks but not enough.

Perhaps they simply enjoyed their time left, playing games and relaxing, maybe they panicked and cried.

It hardly matters now that they are dead.

We had 5 months to live on that spaceship, everything you could want was there, good food, good people, fun games to play, and fun plays to watch, anything you could think of they had, it was marvelous.

I and my partner spent pretty much all of our time together, we had a great time, even without my friends I could still be happy with my partner by my side, they too were happy.

1 month passed then 2 and then 3, times passes by quickly here, a majority of the people here seem happy and are only getting happier, I, on the other hand, am feeling worse and worse, the end is coming in only 2 months, there won't be any happiness then, there won't be anything at all.

At 4 months I think people really started to realize that it'll be over soon, a few more people seem to be feeling down like me, but a majority of us are still happy.

Only 1 week now, I can't eat and I can't sleep, I don't want this to end, I want to be happy with everyone for longer, just a little longer.

Tomorrow is the day, my partner had to calm me down after a panic attack, I'm okay now but I'm still scared, I don't want to die yet.

My partner keeps trying to convince me that it'll be okay, they also seem weird a little bit, perhaps they are also scared but don't want to show it.

Perhaps death should be easy and voluntary my partner says, wouldn't you rather die somewhere with a good view?

I don't really understand what they mean, or perhaps I do and simply don't want to admit it.

One of the parks on the spaceship, it has a good view and beautiful trees, as the sun falls so too does their body, hanging limp from a noose.

I said I wanted to live a little longer, they just smiled and hugged me, I can't hug them anymore.

1 more day where I won't hear them speak or feel their touch.

Why do I want to live this 1 extra day?

It's only an hour now until it's over and I can join the others in oblivion.

How should I feel?

I only feel empty.

Time passes and I barely recognize it.

I should not be alive still, I should have died with my partner in that wonderful place.

Now I am just alone with only memories.

Whatever, only half an hour left and it'll all be gone.

I decided to get a sandwich, it tastes good, but something is missing.

After my short lunch break, it's only 5 minutes until oblivion.

There is silence everywhere.

There are fewer people here now, it seems a large portion went the same way my partner did.

I understand now, wanting to die in such a place but does it really matter when or where I die?

The 5 minutes are up, the spaceship is being eaten by the void.

Even now I still want to live a little longer, I don't know why anymore, perhaps that's just who I am.

Half the ship is gone, I don't see any people around me anymore, perhaps they decided to die quickly, maybe they are having a sandwich.

it's only the cockpit left now, without a doubt I am the last human left, the void seeps closer to me, it's terrifying but I'm ready to die now.

It seeps onto me, it goes up my body slowly, it's cold.

It's all dark now, I can't feel anything, maybe I am already dead.

Perhaps this is what happens after we die, we simply feel nothing, I don't like it, it scares me.

But I can't do anything now, and that's okay.

I got to be happy.