"At least water was not the one raining", Page Thames says watching a tree shed leaves on the resting spot for the day on the street. Though living in a place with the rich as the extreme majority, Thames was downright poor and had no exact resting place to be in twice, always finding the right one. Much of the familiar life was on the cold ground in days idle or a seething platform during hot days.

Broke since late childhood and resting, or surviving, on scraps since early comprehension, the leftovers of food of the town were the go-to nourishment, and even with that, Thames had never felt better. Many people have found mocking the poor a reasonable pastime at Branchlight, and they all have money flowing over the brims of their pockets to defend. Thames had always picked a spot where the genius architecture of the town shaved corners of the eye.

Looking onto those high edifices that look back with closed blinds adding to windows, no one behind wanting to look onto those who sleep on anywhere that was not a bed crafted by angels. Page knew not many people had liked the lack of high etiquette that was presented, but it held nothing against the poor one to be in the open and visible to whatever eye. There ought to be someone that offers fairness, it is just a matter of time to decide.

The look of the town is too nice to pass up, so in any or every right would there be no leaving. It shows thick skin, though the skin is dirty, which is commonly called "grit". Thames then swept the leaves away and took what had been unimportantly conquered.

While attempting to rest, there was a group of people who had a "gift" prepared. It was a quilt that reads "PROPERTY OF THE BRANCHLIGHT PIG", noting that how Page would eat drew similarities to how a pig eats. It was not exactly the worst insult one could make, but they do not experience the fun the lower class does, and would often take time to even get their sentences out to revilement someone.

They had dropped the quilt onto Thames and ran away. "Thanks," said through the quilt, having yet to read what it said, and seeing it as a compliment through an offering. Because it was not too close for the day to end, the so-called "Branchlight Pig" was awake attempting to adjust.

Hours on end resting with eyes open, there came another person, Hollis. Hollis was the leader of a spoken-word troupe that is about to look on dissolving if they are not getting enough offers from audiences to perform. They were fans of presenting arts to others.

Hollis had found Thames when walking by the street. The offering this time was a place to live, not to be generous but to do it simply in wanting to see what would happen. Not too much would matter.

"Hey", the one not under a quilt says. Page turned around to see the figure that was near. "Do you have anything on you?", making sure there was nothing involving hurting someone for being in a lower class. "No. Instruments of destruction are not my thing. I much prefer reading, writing, and any level of performing. If only now would that last part be finding any success."

"What do you want?", the poor person asked.

"I want you to come to my place. I do not want to see anyone laying on the floor like that, especially ones that are not cleaned. Nobody cuts corners by sweeping away all this filth."

"I have gone used to the filth, but if you are not lying about me coming to your place, I will accept as long as there are not any dangerous animals that bite."

"Trust me. There are not any. All the vicious beasts I have seen have been conquered by my two hands."

Thames was starting to like how generous Hollis was turning out. Even at that level was it something new. Thames had got up and offered Hollis a handshake even with the dirty hand, where it was accepted.

"Now if you want to stay longer, you have to reach the bathroom first to find a shower. Any; there are plenty to find but do not waste the water if it drowns you. It is nothing about you, but I want to keep my floors clean and I do not want any stains on the floor or on the walls where I cannot get off. That will get the servants mad and I do not want want to pay them anything that is not higher than a dollar an hour. Understood?"

page shook his head yes.

"Very well. Come with me and I will lead you the way."

But there is a different way Hollis wants to lead. The only other people to know of the plan is the rest of the group back home. They had been around the same blocks Page was at, though not intentionally.

It was a coincidence that the places they had gone were the places Page had stayed and traveled. They know Page was not following them, but the plan was to warn, to keep an eye out, for when the group comes again, that there is no more of this coincidence. There is showing who is the boss and who is not.

Through the walk was Hollis thinking about the things to come next, if the plan was to work. After all, it is not one plan, but a family of plans. They are nothing different, they are like everyone else in Branchlight with a piece of jewelry to their name.

Hollis had been the one successful to lure anyone like Page into anything. Living in the twisted mind that makes the supreme strategy that lives between the words, the flow, and the rest of ambiguous matter, receiving compliments regarding the progress.

"You did well, you."

"Thanks, me. I did well, too."