Through the quiet tunes where steps are the one thing to hear, the two have arrived at the residence. Much like plenty of what was around before the small travel, the house was built like a smaller mansion. "One rule I keep is not to give too much of the servants something to talk about. They will go on and believe they are something separate from my order. It is the servant business, I suppose." Hollis said to Page.

The door had felt far away for Page, which had the less healthy one stop to take a knee as they were near the limits of the house. "Are you related to the servants?", Hollis asked. "Not that. This is the most I have gone on two feet. I must catch my breath.", Page replied. "Elusive it might be", added the other

At the opening of the door, they found the rest of the group sitting on the chairs of the table of cards with the words they want to present to a future audience.

"Who are they?"

"Oh. It must have been I have not told you there was a company. These are the members of the spoken word group. That is Leighton, leader of the group, that is Arden, and that is the shy one. It did not want to give me a name. But they joined because they were good. And then there is me. We have met, you know?"

They both stood in silence waiting for the other in answer.

"So, what is your name?"

"The name? Oh, how I forgot to introduce myself in that filthy street you used to live in."

That "used to" made Thames feel positive.

"My name is Hollis. Even if I am not the leader of the group, I work as well as Leighton. And I do other things, hobbies, and requirements to determine my occupation, but that is not important now because the directions to the bathroom are here. The map."

The self-proclaimed co-leader hands over a map with highlighted directions to the bathroom like the house was a whole country. Leighton added "We are but equals, no detail separates us, keep my words in mind" to the walking-away page looking through the directions.

"As your friend, I will tell you that you have to quit lying to yourself. It will not catch on.", said Hollis.

"Yes, I do know that. 'Leader' to my name is gold. Like I'm something great."

"You are the founder of the group, so you have that."

"Yes, but you have more, including working servants, and this gorgeous home."

"Them? They are annoying. Surprisingly, is it not? It is hard to tell from those dark-toned faces."

Page had entered the hall where the bathroom was straight ahead. The switch nearby could not work. Taking the closer steps, it was noticed by the owners of those yellow, red, and white eyes diverse in each one person.

They wailed at once, moving towards the dirtiest one in the hall, the one who is on two feet. Thames had no sense to back up because there were no barks of misshapen howlers. "Dare not waste the water on you, give it to us", says one servant, talking by the correctly-formed sense someone was there.

The door had opened by itself like it was living. All who were on that floor were disturbed by the light, revealing the total look of Page. "You... it is you... you are the one..." another servant asked, attempting to say the sentence "you are the poor one", as in the poor one being of the plan Hollis had told the servants, warning Thames.

"We were told... we were told... you will not breathe in the hours beyond...", in unison again. This does nothing to Page, who found it to be nonsense. As Page was walking to the open door, with the servants too feeble to try and prevent the first step, they spoke "Hollis told you how to dig your grave...".

That was the last of what was said before Page entered the bathroom and closed the door. The servants devastated their warning had failed. They sung songs of farewell in the early mourning, though off-key and nearly inexperienced, mattered mostly on the meaning and how it would represent.

Page looked onto the bathtub, how the thing most valued in life were footsteps away, then hopping onto the bathtub with clothes, turning the hinge on the shower to let the water run, never noticing how the windows were covered. The water began the come out of the faucet faster than it should. It can be heard from the main room where the group is at, and though they were told word-by-word what happens now or later when else fails, they never got it to their heads, except for Hollis.

Hollis had to hold on to the laughing hearing the water run, looking down on the cards, allowing the rest to have conversations with another about what they should present. Page did not look when turning the knob of the shower the other way to turn it off, but it failed as the water continued to run, and both of the hot and cold settings ejected away, bouncing off of the sides of the tub and landing on the bathroom floor.

This had lightened up Hollis who had laughed more joyously and could not hide it longer, losing the care to. Neither Leighton, Arden, nor the shy had care on why a hearty laugh was made. It can be the result that is reading a piece of light verse.

Page stayed seated at the tub while the water was soaking on the clothes, not knowing a thing of what had happened that led up to this point. All it is was turning the knob and not damaging a thing, but Page watched as the water had traveled to the floor, moving to the bottom of the door where a door sweep was blocking the water from reaching the hall.

"Well, this is unfortunate."