Chapter 1: Rouge

Sitting on a fallen tree beside a river, a young girl watched the flow of the water in silence. She was in her late teens, her pale purple eyes lost in thought. Her skin was perfectly tanned, and she had a thin body, well developed for her age. Her long black hair was braided loosely down her back, with several beads and feathers tangled in the strands. She had a Native American headband tied around her forehead, the ends of the strands also adorned with feathers and beads. She was the chiefs daughter, but sometimes she needed to hear the silence of nature to clear her head.

She found herself here a lot, watching the river flow, ever since her childhood best friend disappeared years ago. He was there for her through everything. When she was little and the other children of the pack would bully her, he would defend her and protect her. They grew closer through the years, and though she had never told him, he had won her heart over the years. She found herself missing him dearly every day.

"Akira!" the woman's voice snapped her out of her thoughts and made her jump.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw one of her girl friends walking over. She was a pretty girl, thin and tanned, with black hair that went to the center of her back. She had a deer pelt around her shoulders, and tan leather pants that disappeared into her moccasins.

"Hey, Kina." Kira said, sitting up.

"I've been looking for you all over." Kina said, walking over to her and sitting beside her. "Thinking about Brynn again?"

"Always." Kira said, smiling lightly.

"It's been years, Kira..." Kina said softly.

"It doesn't matter how long it's been." Kira said, shaking her head. "I miss him. I wish I knew what happened to him. He just disappeared...I think something happened to him. He wouldn't have left without telling me."

"Brynn was a loner." Kina said. "Even with the wolf blood, he didn't have pack mentality."

"That doesn't matter." Kira said. "He would have told me he was leaving."

Kina sighed and looked to her. She knew it was no use arguing with her. She was set in her ways and beliefs.

"I came to find you because I was worried, but also to tell you that your dad is looking for you." Kina said, getting to her feet.

Kira sighed and nodded, getting to her feet. She and her father, the Chief, didn't see eye to eye. He was controlling, and a little too...touchy. She hated having to deal with him one on one. Always felt better when someone else was in the room.

"Did he say what he wanted?" Kira asked, walking beside Kina.

"No." Kina said, shaking her head. "He just told me to find you and bring you to him."

"Lovely." Kira muttered.

"Why are you so afraid of him?" Kina asked, looking to her.

Kina may have been her best friend, apart from Brynn, but she didn't tell her much about the things that happened between her and her father. Part of her was afraid that no one would believe her because of him being the Chief, and also the Alpha of the wolf pack.

"He's just controlling." Kira said, shaking her head. "I don't like having to deal with him if I don't have to. It's why I never stay in the village through the day. The less I see him, the better I feel."

Kina watched her, knowing she was hiding something, but didn't push for more information. She looked ahead, and walked beside Kira quietly.

"Do you want me to stay with you while you talk to him?" she asked.

Kira smiled at her and nodded. Kina smiled back and nudged her with her shoulder, making Kira giggle. As they reached the village, the people stepped aside and nodded or smiled at Kira, offering her turquoise jewelry, or beautifully handmade headdresses. Kira smiled at them but shook her head, as she passed. Though she did like the offers, she felt bad taking freely from them. They had a lot of respect for her, and she did for them as well. She may not have cared much for her father, but she loved her people. Her mother had passed away when she was little, so she cared for her people in her mother's place, and they had loved her dearly.

They reached the Chief's hut, and Kira opened the door, stepping in, Kina following. Her father was sitting on his Chieftain chair, deer pelts and antlers decorating it all over. He had a tall headdress on, full of beautiful feathers, and around his neck were several bone and antler made necklaces with turquoise stones. He had pale red eyes, Kira was thankful to have gotten her mothers eyes.

"There you are." he said, sitting forward. "Leave us, Kina." he said, looking to her.

"But I thought I'd just-"

"Leave." he said, more sternly.

Kira nodded to her and smiled lightly. Kina rubbed her arm, before stepping back, going outside. Kira turned and looked to her father, who stood and walked to her.

"I've been worried about you." he said, looking down at her.

"Why?" Kira asked, confused. "You never worried about me before." she shrugged.

"There is a rouge pack member roaming around." the Chief said, folding his arms behind his back. "I got word from a few other Chief's nearby, that said that they had recently been attacked. Killed one of the Chief's daughters down the valley."

"Did they see the attacker?" Kira asked.

"No." the Chief said, shaking his head. "He attacked at night, when they were sleeping."

"Rogue wolves are dangerous." Kira said, walking over to the small table, pouring some water.

"This means you need to stay with me, from now on." her father said quietly.

She froze, feeling his eyes on her. He hadn't ever done anything bad to her yet, but she didn't want to put it passed him if he'd been given the chance. She definitely didn't want to give him the chance by moving into his room every night.

"You know, I think I'd feel safer staying with Kina." she said, turning to him.

"Where I can't keep an eye on you, there will be no such actions." her father said, waving off the idea.

"Think about it, father." Kira said. "You said the attacker killed one of the daughters up the valley. If you truly want to protect me, don't have me close to you. If I'm not even here, they won't know you have a daughter." she shrugged, trying to play calm.

In her head, she was praying he'd fall for it. Her father was quiet for a minute, thinking, tapping a finger on his chin. He was actually considering it.

"I'm not sure I like the idea of the Princess of this pack, going off where her father can't watch over her." he said.

"They would protect me, father." Kira said. "Our people adore me. They would watch out for me. I would be safe there, and I would feel safer there."

"You doubt I would protect you?" the Chief asked, fixing her with a look.

"Not at all, father." Kira said, shaking her head, smiling. "But if this rouge is hunting the daughters of the alpha's, I would feel better not being so easy to find."

The Chief watched her, sighing.

"Alright." he agreed. "But you are to come here to me, every day. You are only sleeping with Kina."

"Yes, father." Kira said, nodding. "I'm going to go gather a few things to take with me tonight."

The Chief nodded, and watched her walk out the door. Kina was waiting just outside, and turned to her as Kira stepped out. Kira grabbed her hand quick and led her away, running down the path to hers and her fathers hut. She quickly packed a small bag made from deer furs, and they left. They spent the rest of the day walking around and roaming the woods. When the sun started setting, Kira and Kina made their way back to Kina's home. They ate dinner with her family, Kina's parents were buzzing with joy at having the Chieftains daughter staying at their home.

"I'm sorry if it isn't as comfortable as your place." Kina's mother was saying, after showing Kira to her room.

"It's no trouble." Kira smiled. "I'm sure it's just as comfortable as my own."

How could it be much different? She slept on deer and coyote pelts and straw. Kina's mother smiled and hurried out of the small room. Kira smiled, watching her, before turning back to the bed, going to it and stretching out. It was comfy. One or two pelts less than her own, but she wouldn't complain. Kira looked out the small window at the full moon over head, and sighed. No matter what she did, in the end, her mind always went back to Brynn. Where was he? Why did he leave without telling her anything?

A small breeze blew through the window, and with it, carried a faint scent. One Kira knew. She sat up and smelled the air, trying to catch the scent again. It was so faint, but she could barely smell it. She knew that smell. But from where? Climbing out of her bed, Kira made her way to the window and looked out. The village was quiet. No one was out walking around, but whoever the scent was coming from, was close enough for the wind to carry his or her smell. Suddenly, there was movement to the side, and Kira barely caught sight of a silhouette move out behind one of the houses. They were moving out of the village, towards the big open field. Kira quickly but quietly scrambled out of the window, jogging the direction she saw them go.

Kira moved silently, following the shadows of the intruder, out of the village. Part of her was scared, since there was a rouge killer on the move to each village, but the other part of her was fearless, wanting to stop them on her own. Her bare feet moved silently over the Earth, as she ducked down behind a bush. Ahead of her, in the clearing, was a man, standing and looking around. She could tell he was a man, by his body frame. Wide, buff shoulders, slender midsection, but still muscular. And he was tall. Very tall. He had waist length, jet black hair, that was pulled into a low ponytail, but the lower part was blowing lightly in the breeze. He suddenly looked back, and Kira quickly ducked down fully, praying he hadn't seen her. When she looked back up, he was gone. Kira cursed in her head, and stood, silently tiptoeing into the clearing, looking around where he had been.

To her right, a twig snapped, and Kira jumped behind the closest tree, holding her breath. Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind, but before she could scream, he slapped his hand over her mouth, dragging her backwards into the field. Kira struggled and flailed, but he was fast and stronger than she expected, and he held her tight.

"You've been following me." he growled in her ear. "I've smelt you since you picked up on me leaving the village."

Kira muffled a growl, and wiggled more, but he tightened his grip on her. She wasn't without her own ways though. Once he stopped pulling her backwards, she elbowed backward, nailing him in the stomach. He grunted and bent forward, and she quickly took the chance and reached back, grabbing his head and bent down, throwing him over her shoulder. Though he was stunned, he acted faster than she expected, and flung his leg out, tripping her. Kira yelped as she fell backwards, landing hard on the ground. The man scrambled over, throwing his leg over her. Kira started kicking and swinging at him, but he quickly grabbed her wrists, pinning her arms down on the ground. And then suddenly, he looked almost horrified. She looked back up at him, panting, her eyes widening.

"Brynn?" she gasped.

His emerald eyes were almost popping out of their sockets. He quickly fell off of her, and crawled backwards, and she sat up, looking at him.

"Kira?" he whispered, breathing hard.

Kira nodded and smiled lightly. Was this real? Was Brynn really here in front of her?

"Oh my God." Brynn suddenly jumped to his feet and grabbed her, hugging her tight.

Kira threw her arms around him, hugging him tight, hiding her face. She couldn't believe he was actually here. All these years, he'd been missing with no words or any way of her knowing whether he was alive or not. And now he was here.

"Where have you been?!" Kira cried suddenly, leaning back to look at him. "I'm so mad at you, but I'm so happy you're alive! But I so wanna slap the shit out of you!"

Brynn laughed and held her tight, breathing in her scent.

"I've missed you." he said softly.

"Why did you leave our pack, Brynn?" Kira asked, leaning back and looking to him.

"I didn't." Brynn said, shaking his head. "I was framed and forced out. They turned their backs on me because they think I did something that I would never have done."

"What?" Kira asked.

Brynn hesitated and bowed his head. How could he tell her these horrible things after all these years?

"Brynn, tell me." Kira pressed.

Brynn sighed and walked over, sitting on the ground, laying his arms across his knees. Kira was his closest friend, he may have even felt a little deeper for her. But would she believe him? Kira walked over and sat beside him, laying her hand on his arm.

"You wouldn't believe me." he said, looking to her.

"Brynn, you were by my side through everything. For so many years. And then suddenly you were gone." Kira said. She wanted to cry, the tears were threatening to fall from her eyes. "I know you would have never left me without telling me why. Of course I would believe anything you tell me, because I know you."

Brynn watched her and took a deep breath.

"I witnessed something..." he started, bowing his head. "And what I saw, was used against me as blackmail, to get rid of me."

"What did you see?" Kira asked.

There suddenly was shouting voices coming from the village. Bryn's head snapped up and he quickly got to his feet, Kira as well.

"I can't be seen." he said, taking her hands. "I have to run. I promise, I will tell you everything when it is safe."

"Meet me here tomorrow night." Kira said, throwing her arms around his neck again. "Please, be careful."

"Always." Brynn said smiling, kissing her cheek softly.

He turned and ran, disappearing back into the woods. Kira rubbed her cheek where he had kissed her, and smiled, before turning and running back towards the village. Now, she needed an excuse as to why she was out of the village late at night with a rogue wolf demon on the prowl.