Sometimes it's hard to be a Christian

Giving all your love to just one god

He'll fuck angelic whores in the heavens

And you won't get fucked at all on Earth

Lord knows what the fuck he does when he isn't micromanaging Earth

But if you want him to be perfect, he can be

More power to you, for not doing that at your Church's expense

And if you adore him, give him many BJs

Because, after all, he's a fucking god

Suck up to your god

Let him rape you like a cute little girl

Give him something hot to smoke from

When outer space is cold and lonely

Put your god on a fucking pedestal

And convince the world you love him

Do everything you can to remove the suspicion of atheists from yourself

(God-forbid, however the fuck that works...)

Overrate your god

Bathe your god in precious oils

(I recommend corn and motor oil...)

And dupe the fucking Pope into thinking you're fucking blameless

Keep removing all the blame from yourself that you can