It was the start of the second year in high school and I was just entering the school gate and then,"hey,GURU thanks man",a voice came from behind, "Just how many times will you thank me", I turned around and replied,"Oh! Come on man it`s because of you that I have a girlfriend now", he replied back with a happy you all are thinking who is this blockhead guy he if my one of the closest friend I have Enji Takamiya and if you are thinking what is this girlfriend thing about then….

4 months ago,December 14 was the day when he came to me and the issue revolving club(I am also a member and I chose it because I don't have anything to do at home and this job was easy or at least I thought)"it's all over,guys",Enji came to club while crying this over and over,"then why are you here",I replied coldly,"But,you haven't even heard my problem",he said that with a shock look,"we will hear you if you tell us",my club companion Itsumi said to Enji with a consoling voice and afterwards Enji told us the whole hearing the story I said,"So,in short you think tokage-san hate you cause she was avoiding you the whole day because yesterday you said to her that if anything you wanted to spend your life with a girl like her and then she ran ! man you really are worried about simple things","I don't think it's hate I feel like she is just feeling awkward"Itsumi gave her conclusion."Not only that damn it,she was too flustered and is unable to gather courage for facing him",I put my explaination forward with a pushy attitude,but with a calm voice."You are thinking too much this time Gurudayal-kun(refers to me)",Itsumi replies in a bickering voice, "So you don't believe me,fine then Itsumi.."I looked towards Itsumi and she did the same and then I said,"I love you"and then she gave me a heck of a look and she was completely blushing and then I said,"Realx I was just giving an example,aren't you flustered right now?",she nooded in approval and then I turned my face towards Enji and I said,"Just seriously go to her and honestly confess everything this is the most appropriate moment she is flustered,has a idea of your feelings,if you want a good spot it's the tree behind the basketball court, the most successful spots for confession."Enji heard everything and then made a depressed face and said,"what if she crushed my heart I don't have the courage to call her, why don't you first confirm it Guru". I stood up and then I gave him a serious look,"What is the point in confessing if you already knew everything and I am just perceptive not psycic esper it's your love you should do your honest work",I told him while moving out of the room and then I stopped for a second while opening the door,"And don't worry about calling her I will teel her to wait at the spot after school"and then I left the room .

After School,both Tokage-san and Enji met at the tree and then before Enji could even say anything Tokage-san directly started the conversation with the most important line,"Takamiya-kun,I like you,will you please go out with me",Enji was completely surprised and Tokage-san was looking down on the ground completely flustered and then Enji also blurted out," I like you too Tokage-san"and then both of their faces were completely turned out bright from their smile and then Tokage-san slowly said something," I am glad I followed the advice of singh-kun(referring to me by last name)",after hearing this Enji raised his eyebrow in surprise he asked her,"What do you mean by that?",she replied with a bit of a smile,"a few hours ago Singh-kun came…".

A few hours ago…

I entered a pretty much dark room which was actually class 1-F and Tokage-san was sitting in a corner,after closing the door I said to her
,"You have feelings for Enji,don't you?",she was surprised and shocked after hearing that,"Don't worry he is not at all aware of it",after hearing this she calmed down a bit and then she asked,"you knew" and then she looked down,"It's not that difficult but you have to clear the misunderstanding, he thinks that you hate him because you were ignoring him that's why he want to meet you at the tree behind the basketball court",I answered her question along with telling her to meet him while leaning at a desk and looking towards the ceiling,but then even without leaving the seat,she asked,"What should I do when I see him?" while looking towards her I replied with a smile,"just be honest with him and yourself."

After hearing this incident,Enji smiled in a weird manner and said,"That bastard,he can never show kindness saying I won't interfere in your love matter and then helping my confession from behind the scenes."

Current day..

That was the most of it year I transferred here all the way from India and for a very long time I have this speciality of perceptive nature, I know how generally people think and I always able to see through people's act and secerets. I became quite popular due to this as it all started after I easily solved the case of hate comments on a student's profile(request was brought to the club by the student) and I would not be the only reason for my popularity,but those you will know further in the story.I always thought that if I ever would fall in love I will know it quite easily but I didn't know that my dilemma will very soon break down and this ability of mine will become a disaster for my life.

To be continued…