Commercial real estate management involves prioritizing and executing a wide array of tasks, while keeping meticulous administrative & financial records, along with all applicable maintenance, mortgages, taxes, and insurance updated. Additionally, it also involves responding to tenant needs or issues, and taking care of commercial interior/exterior maintenance.

If you need help managing your non-residential property, be it an office, retail space, storage facility, shopping center, or an industrial building; Global Facility Management is the best company you can find in NY for the job. A leading provider of integrated facilities services, GFM specializes in commercial real estate management, and is one of the only agencies on the market whose business model is all encompassing & never subcontracts out any of its work. From services like tenant retention and leasing, to interior/exterior management all part of a comprehensive and detailed approach, they have managed to always deliver projects ahead of schedule and as per client's expectations in terms of quality. You can also contact GFM if you are building a construction company, and need help with construction object management, technical supervision, financial and technical audit, & customer service.

About Global Facility Management

Global Facility Management is a leading provider of integrated services specializing in multi-unit, commercial & healthcare spaces. They are one of the only agencies on the market today whose business model is all encompassing and never subcontracts out any of its work.

Their record of exceptional work and stringent results combined with our ability to meet and or exceed even the most demanding of deadlines has been well documented as we continue to build on a foundation of integrity, professionalism and results driven performance. Find out more about Global Facility Management by visiting their website wwwdotgfmngtdotcom or dialing 347-380-8787.