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#1 NOAH:

I am staring at a girl. She is sitting in the back corner of the library in the big red velvet armchair, her legs tucked up underneath her. She is reading, her eyes glued to the page. Clearly, she is enjoying it because she is wearing a smile that makes her eyes twinkle. She has big fluffy socks on and a long sleeve under her t-shirt, and she is wearing her pyjama pants. I can't stop staring. She is wearing glasses that are slightly too big for her face, they are round and make her piercing green eyes even more breathe taking. I have been sitting in the library for hours studying, she was her when I got here, who knows how long before that. As I thought that thought she got up and put her glasses on the top of her head and stretched out her back. She smiled at me, and it is in this moment that I realise I haven't studied at thing. She sits back down in the exact same position, randomly I take out my phone and take a picture of this girl, I need to remember her. I get up and walk out of the library, too many distractions.

When I get back to my house, Simon, Jake, Tom, Mason or Cooper aren't there. I sigh and walk to my room. I get there and look around, I turn and look at my neglected boxes, waiting to be unpacked. They have been sitting there for four weeks and I still haven't bothered to unpack them. I look around the room, with its queen bed and big desk there is nothing in here that shows someone lives here. I begin to rip the boxes open. I begin with my books; I place them on my bookcase above my desk. I forgot how many I brought. My mind wonders back to the girl in the library, I wonder how many books she brought? After I unpack all my books I move to the other boxes.

I look around my room, at least it feels like my room now. I check the time, it's fifteen past seven. The curry kitchen down the road starts serving dinner at seven thirty, I go there on Friday nights with Simon. But Simon is out with his girlfriend tonight, so I have no one to go with. I think about the girl in the library. I wonder if she lives on campus? My mind floats back to the library, I think about her eyes as green as the leaves in spring. I get up and walk out the door, I lock it. I walk down the porch stairs and into the winter evening. I pull my jacket a little tighter around me. The sunset I can see through the trees. It's not far from my house to campus or the library for that matter, I jump in my car, it may not be far but it's flipping freezing! I arrive at the library and walk in. She is no longer sitting in the armchair but talking to my sister. I see them and walk over, now is my chance.

"Hey Maddie," I say at my little sister, then I extend a hand to the green-eyed girl, "Hi, I'm Noah." She smiles at me and takes my hand. It's warm, her smile… makes my whole-body tingle and I am awe-struck. "Hi Noah, I'm going to keep saying your name 'till I remember it. I'm Samantha, but you can call me Sam." Sam. Samantha. I'm grinning. "Actually, you seem familiar, have we met?" She asks me. I think back to earlier today where I was staring at her. "Um… I don't think so, I'm pretty sure I would remember you." Maddie elbows me in the ribs. Sam blushes. It turns every part of her face pink, even the tips of her ears. "We are going to dinner at that curry place down the street, wanna come?" Maddie snaps me back to reality. Sam looks at the ground. "Sure," I say, still hoping that Sam will look up. She does, and she is grinning. 'Put that away,' I think, I'll have to be careful that smile is lethal.


It's warm in the curry place, making me feel sleepy. I rub at my eyes under my glasses. I only need glasses for reading and driving but I wear them most of the time, they add to my retro vintage vibe. Noah keeps looking at me, I wish he wouldn't it's making my stomach do multiple flips at a time. All I can think about is the fact that Noah and Maddie keep making inside jokes and pushing each other. I think they are dating. That thought makes me uncomfortable and sad, 'Stop it, you have only known him an hour.' "So how do you guys know each other?" he asks. I take a sip of water hoping Maddie will answer. Maddie looks at me and I look down. "We live in the same unit, we share it with six other girls, so never come over I don't want you getting any ideas!" They both throw their head back and laugh. Definitely dating. I feel like our food is taking forever. They try and include me in conversations, I nod and smile, but I don't say a word. When our food comes (finally) Noah takes a bite of his, and so does Maddie then they taste each other's and swap dishes. I sigh. Then it hit me light bulb, Noah is the boy staring at me in the library, the one that sat there for hours and just looked at me. I contemplate telling Maddie this piece of information, I decide I won't. But it makes me feel excited.

We drive back to our house in Noah's car. I sit on the left side of the back seat so I can see him side on. He is skinny but muscular. He has dark curls that he pushes to the side and is always running his fingers through his hair. He doesn't have a beard but is definitely not clean shaven. His eyes are a soft brown, with little gold flecks. He drives an old Honda Civic, and all I can smell is coffee. I open my mouth to ask the first question of the night, "Noah, no offense but why does your car smell like coffee so much?" He looks in the review mirror and grins at me. I feel like I'm being attacked by that smile, "Non taken. I work at Starbucks!" After he has said that I can't stop laughing. That where the coffee scent comes from. "Why are you laughing?" He giggles, "I am being serious." That makes me laugh even harder. I see him looking in the review mirror, his smile all warm and sensitive, I grin back. He flicks back to driving. It's a short drive and we arrive at our house almost too quickly. We pull up, and I look at the house. Stella is sitting in the egg chair even though it's dark. I went to high school with Stella that's how I ended up living here. Alex's parents own the place, they bought it when she first went to college, her dad is in real estate. I think her parents are rich, because I live in a house and the rent is way to cheap to pay for it. Noah stops at the curb; I click open the door. "Thanks, it's been fun. Also, next time I see you in the library, talk!" I grin at him. He blushes. Maddie throws her back and laughs, good not mad. Phew! "It was bliss meeting you Sam, I am definite we will cross paths again." I look at him and grin, he grins back. I jump out of the car and walk up the step to go inside. As soon as we are inside, Maddie turn to me, and gives me that smug look that people give you when they know something you don't. I scrunch up my face, she laughs. I turn to the stairs and begin the climb to my bedroom. I get up the first platform where Abbie and Stella share a room on the opposite of them is Tara's room, but its Friday so she will be at some party. Their door is shut, and I can hear music and laughter. I keep climbing, that was one sacrifice I had to make when I got to live here, was that I had to climb three sets of stairs to get to my room. I get to the second platform, there are three rooms on this level, Lucy's room and Summer's, and to the left is the main bathroom. This is where the staircase starts to narrow, also its longest of the three, when I reach my room, I open the door and flop on the bed. I really like this room; it has sloped ceilings and hard wood floorboards. Its small and I love it, a queen size bed takes up most of the room, the rest has books in stacks, then more boxes in the cupboard. I lie there for a few minutes in the darkness, thinking of that curly mop of hair and that smile. The smell of coffee. The gold flecks in his eyes. I let out a heavy sigh. My eyes are heavy, and I drift in and out of consciousness. Then I fall asleep fully as I am.