Andrew Lesnak, one of the survivors of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, had taken his tragic losses and experiences of that event, to help other victims who have not fully recovered from the devastation of that day. As someone who had always been a victim's advocate as a volunteer, he had the perfect platform to emerge himself to this very personal cause. Most of the work revolved around mental health counseling because many of the victim's had fallen into a deep state of depression, substance abuse, and a general sense of hopelessness. With his commitment to these victim's, Andrew decided to start "The Spero Advocacy Group" with the motto "While I Breathe, I Hope". The mission of Spero, is to help victims of catastrophic events, rebuild their lives both mentally and financially. Soon after Hurricane Sandy hit landfall, Andrew had begun to help people recover from the losses of their homes and their personal belongings. In addition, he helped in counseling these victims, with effective ways of coping with general distress, anxiety, depression and other psychiatric disorders. Additionally, he even found his therapy becoming more inclusive of addressing the sad dynamics of both substance abuse and suicidal tendencies.

Andrew also utilized his relationship with the American Red Cross, because of how incredibly valuable they had been to him as 1st Responders, from the hurricane. He was able to successfully integrate their services and experiences, in to Spero, so that a fully comprehensive approach could be taken to help the victim's in their recovery. Andrew had successfully managed to build a strong bond with the victims, while finding it personally therapeutic, because of the common connection that they all had shared. He also served as a motivation speaker, to help uplift their spirit, while they all fought to regain some sense of financial stability. Additionally, he personally helped them by providing affordable housing and training to enhance their earning capabilities, while they began the journey of rebuilding their lives. As The Spero Advocacy Group began to get recognized for their

successful approach to "hands on" therapy, Andrew decided to expand on his relationships. With that, he began working with a remarkably successful nonprofit organization, called Hope Sheds Light, in New Jersey. Aimed to remain a positive influence in the lives of these victims, Andrew Lesnak offers his vision of hope to those in despair, on a daily basis and at no cost to anyone seeking the added support and guidance.

About Andrew Lesnak

Since Andrew Lesnak is intimately aware of the pains and struggles of the victims like himself, he is very "in tune "with how to help those with similar heartfelt losses. The mental health effects of these disasters, which are addressed regularly at his sessions, include : Coping with severe depression, distress, anxiety, hopelessness, substance abuse, and suicidal tendencies.