Her Grace

Her grace is a peculiar disposition

She stood tall above her harbor

With a smile on her face

Proud yet still somber.

They say she carries the world's pain

Epitomizes the world's hope

That someday liberty will free us from suffering

She guides us with her grace

She welcomes the foreign

And gives her children a fresh embrace

Promises that cannot be kept for eternity,

But made and said with only hope that it will endure.

They once said that her torch shone to lead the way

Freedom from oppression

The shackles that once held her down

Fought for her possession

Of expression.

Waves of fury and criticism have torn her down

Even her own had once fought for her dissolution

With the same passion

And while they yielded their cause

It was with a shot and a stab.

She still stands after all these years

She symbolizes what many still hold dear

But she becomes neglected time and time again

The words faded

A symbol that was for liberty

Now merely a sight to see.

Lady Liberty stands gazing out

After years of torment and disgrace

In a way, she had already fell

Yet here she stands in physical form

Made of France who gave its trust

Only to be betrayed and stabbed by the one they once succored

A shadow of the light that had already gone out

Dead and withered, forgotten by her own children.

How far has she come from her early days!

When she was still an idea

Then came to a colossus

Yet the wealthier she got

The worse she became

Revoking her old ways

Becoming the one she had feared.

Many would die to become free

But freedom cannot be sustained

Corruption fills our eyes and brains

Forcing us to believe what we were told

Freedom but not freedom

Words but not words

Only ashes of what could've been

The truth grows more vindictive with every day

But it is a truth that we cannot escape

She stumbles and trips

Ultimately to be destroyed by her own grace

Nearer and nearer that time comes

That time that I would most surely face

To repair the broken light

That once illuminated her dignity.

Not meant to offend anyone. Politics is a tricky subject.