I've talked a lot in the past across several platforms (FictionPress, Tumblr, Discord) about being asexual, but part of my identity that I don't talk about is being aromantic – as in, I don't experience romantic attraction.

Like with being asexual, this doesn't mean that I don't experience any love at all, it just means that I don't experience romantic love. I believe there will be exceptions in the future, but this is the label that describes me right now.

It's absolutely wild how often people have told me I'll find the right guy when I get older when I tell them I don't want to date. People don't listen, and that is humanity's downfall as a species.

Anyway, being aromantic is pretty much looking at the dating pool and then walking away to get a snow cone instead. It's pretty nice, in my opinion, because I save myself all of the "am I good enough?" questioning that comes with wanting a relationship but being single for a long time.

Overall, 8/10.