After talking with Alana at the front desk, she felt a lot better doing the questions she wanted for now. So Rochelle turned the news on, and watched for a while. News channel was MSNBC. Not very often she turns on the news, so today was a good day for that. After watching for a while, Rochelle turned it off. She was more interested in the conversation with Alana a short while ago.

She didn't show any interest in becoming a news reporter for local news, but somehow it came unexpectedly, and decided to keep the job instead of finding something else. Rochelle decided to take the dog out for a walk to the park. Rochelle lived in a neighborhood that had a dog park, so today was a good idea for her dog to socialize with others.

While she let the dog do that, she said to herself, "I think I could have Lynda come over at some point and see if she could help me out with more questions. I'll do myself a favor when we get home."

She decided that she liked the idea of what she'd just said to herself. Rochelle's neighborhood was friendly, and every once in a while they would get together for the fourth of July for cookouts and stuff like that.

Maybe she could go this year because Rochelle didn't come last time because she was visiting one of her brothers in North Dakota. She could try to make up for this year. While spending about half an hour at the park, Rochelle didn't bother bringing her phone to make that call to Lynda since it wasn't necessary to make it urgent.

"Maybe Lynda has been to this neighborhood, but let's see what she has to say about the idea," Rochelle said to herself.

She doesn't find talking to yourself exciting or fun, but at least it's better than no conversation with friends or family. Looks like the two women are starting to open the door for a friendship in the future, but let's wait and see.

"There's a question for Lynda – do you think we're making a friendship?"

That was something Rochelle had just noticed after the first meeting with Lynda at breakfast a couple days ago.

"I think Lynda is somebody that I could go to if I ever needed her again," Rochelle added.

Would Lynda agree to having a relationship with Rochelle like she thought so? Questions for that. Rochelle called her dog's name and he immediately ran to her as she grabbed his leash.

"Let's go home, boy."

Once they returned to the house, she immediately grabbed her phone and dialed Lynda's number. Yes, Lynda was at home too.

"Hi, Rochelle."

"Hi, Lynda. How is your day?"

"Just fine. How about yours?"

"It was good. I was thinking of you earlier this afternoon."

"Why were you thinking of me for?" Lynda asked.

"I thought of a question when we met at breakfast a couple days ago."

"Why didn't you ask that question at breakfast?"

"Because it came to me just now."

"Ask away," Lynda told her.

"Do you think we're opening the door for a future friendship?"

"I really never thought about it, but it's looking that way."

"I think so too," Rochelle agreed.

"So that's why you called me?"

"Exactly. I spoke to Alana," Rochelle replied.

"What did she say?"

"She only told me about her husband, but it was nothing personal. It was mostly on how they first met. At least I get ideas by asking those questions if I want more information."

"True. It's supposed to be that way if you're a detective or whatever."

"Aren't you a detective?" Rochelle asked.

"No, but I do get involved by helping the police a lot, but I'm not interested in being a police officer."

"Agreed. How do you like the idea of coming to my house sometime?" Rochelle asked.


"Just to chat. Maybe this could be the door we're not expecting for a future friendship."

"I'd like to come. What would be a good day and time to do that?" Lynda asked.

"Whenever you're open. Are you working today?"

"Just got off an hour or two ago. How about you, Rochelle?"

"I've been off."

"Lucky you. Tomorrow I have off."

"We can keep talking about when to get together at my house. It's a real friendly neighborhood," Rochelle told her.

"I like friendly neighborhoods, Rochelle. Mine really isn't like yours. It's full of people who smoke pot and cigarettes. I don't call that a friendly neighborhood."

"Agreed," Rochelle said.

So they both set up a time for Lynda to show up. Rochelle knew her dog was friendly with strangers, so there's no problem there since some dogs are too protective of their owners. Now it was time to clean up the litter box.