Two brown eyes snapped open wide to get a feeling of color overdose with the many different color leaves amongst the area.

The 15 year old, Mark Smith, sat up and looked at his surroundings, he doesn't remember this place anywhere at his howntown, Medford, as a forest or anything. And the last thing he remembered was coming home from the school dance.

He stood on his two feet and noticed even stranger things. There was many creatures he didn't recognize crawling and/or flying around the place, along with bushes, logs, even sounds from the creatures.

Mark rubbed his head and eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things, and he was seeing this stuff as the real thing.

"What the..." Mark wondered. "Hello! Anybody!" Mark yelled.

He ran across the forest to see if anyone he knew was with him. "Ok is this a prank? Who's messing with me!" Mark yelled before he heard a bust rustle.

Mark turned to it, he could also hear some sniffling coming from inside the bush.

Mark grabbed a large stick and hid it behind his back to protect himself from whatever it was in there.

He got closer to the magenta colored bush and then went inside to see someone he recognized inside the bush.

"Isabelle?" Mark asked to the freckled, auburn longed hair girl.

Isabelle, with tear stained eyes, looked at Mark. "Ma-Mark?" Isabelle said shockingly.

"Yeah it's me." Mark said before Isabelle threw him into a tight hug. "Where are we?" She asked.

"I don't know." Mark answered.


Meanwhile, a teen on a different location of this place, Grant Williams, wearing glasses, and a red and grey flannel, slowly woke up to notice the location he was on. He was on a beach with the waves crashing towards him.

Grant stood up and looked around the place. He fixated his glasses by cleaning the water and sand off of them and he looked around. The grey skies cloaked the sun from showing up.

Grant looked ahead to see a forest with many different leaves vibrating.

Grant walked over to that leaves and picked out a pile of blue leaves. "Fascinating." He said.

Then, he heard some rustling from a bush.

He went to inspect it but saw two creatures, one with the teeth of a sabertooth tiger chasing the purple looking bunny.

Then, the sabertooth animal ate the bunny in one gulp.

Grant screamed before looking at a cave near him and began to run towards it for cover.

He hid inside the cave and grabbed a massive stick and a stone and tried to start a flame.

"Come on." Grant repeated a few times before he heard something ahead of him.

Grant ignored it and tried to continue his ignition of the stick. "Where even am I?" Grant asked to himself. He heard the noise again before it went away, it sounded like a spider sound.

Grant heard it go away again and finally got to make a torch. "It feels like some otherworldly video game area." Grant said before he pushed the torch out to see a massive spider with red eyes in front of him.

Grant screamed before the spider tackled him.


On another side of the forest, a girl with curly black hair with some purple lines, along with a dyed light purple shirt and black leggings woke up inside a pink and white area of the place.

The girl, Amanda Walker, sat up and looked around. "Hello? Who's doing this!?" Amanda yelled before she heard someone coming for her.

She saw someone she knew, a dark blonde hair girl with green eyes, appear from a tree.

Amanda looked at the girl. "Stella what the hell did you do bitch!" Amanda yelled.

Stella ran to her and hugged her. Amanda pushed Stella away. "Answer me!" Amanda said.

"I-I didn't do this. My knowledge on what happened is as limited as yours, I don't know what's going on." Stella answered.

Amanda groaned. "What even is this place!" Amanda demanded to know.

"Beats me." Stella answered.

Amanda sighed. "Can't believe I'm stuck here with you." Amanda said before they heard someone running.

They looked around the place to see if they could see who in the world this person could possibly be.

They then saw a black kid wearing a light jean jacket, white t shirt, and light jeans run up to them. "Caleb?!" Stella said.

"Hey ladies." Caleb said before Amanda hugged him. "Thank god you're here!" She said.

"Happy to see you both." Caleb said, seemingly worried.

"What are you doing here?!" She asked.

"I don't know, I could ask the same to you." Caleb said.

"Ok, let's see if we can remember anything." Stella said.

The three stood in silence for a minute. "Nope." Amanda said.

"Nothing." Caleb answered.

Stella stood longer than the others, before her eyes went wide. "We were...teleported here." Stella said.

The two raised their eyebrows at her. "What does that mean?" Caleb asked.

"I mean that somehow, someway some portal came out of nowhere and sucked us into this world, wherever that was." Stella said.

Amanda scoffed. "How would you know that?" She asked.

"Because I saw it myself, it was some blue, liquid like portal and it pulled me into itself and I saw all these stars and wonderful looking spots in space, before I landed in this forest." Stella explained.

Caleb went between the two girls. "So what about the rest of us?" Caleb asked.

"I don't know, but what I do know is that this must've happened for a reason." Stella said.

"Or you know it just happened by coincidence?" Amanda guessed.

Stella looked at Amanda. "You don't know that, everything happens for a reason, and it was probably us that did something, anything to be brought here." Stella said.

"You don't know that either!" Amanda yelled getting close to Stella.

"Christ do you ever stop being a nitpicky jackass!" Stella spat out.

"Ladies, we have bigger problems on our hands than to argue why we got here! The thing we should do right now is to find either shelter or civilization so we can figure out a plan from here!" Caleb butted in.

Amanda and Stella looked at each other with hateful glares. "Fine." Amanda said.

"Fair enough." Stella said.

"Great, now let's go, north." Caleb said.

"Fine by me." Stella and Amanda said in unison before the three of them began to walk that way.


Meanwhile, Mark and Isabelle were walking across the forest trying to find a place to camp at. "So you don't know how you got here?" Isabelle asked Mark.

"No, I went to bed after the dance, and woke up here. Same with you?" Mark asked.

"Well it didn't take much for me to sleep." Isabelle said.

"Isabelle there's no need to beat yourself up over what happened." Mark said.

"But I did it, and I failed! I was an idiot in front of him!" Isabelle said.

"So what anxiety's a normal feeling when confessing feelings, there's no reason to treat it like you're the normal one that felt that." Mark said.

"But he probably thinks I'm some awkward moron now, that is if he even notices I'm missing, maybe dead!" Isabelle snapped before they heard some growling.

They both turned to an army of logs with cobwebs on them. "That can't be good." Mark said.

Mark pulled out his stick and aimed it at the logs. "You think a stick is going to do something?" She asked.

"What do you expect? A legendary sword?" Mark asked before something fell from the tree.

The two screamed.

But then Isabelle took a closer look, it was a green bird with a broken wing. "Oh thank god." Mark sighed in relief.

Isabelle looked at the bird. She looked up to see a nest. Isabelle sighed and picked it up. "Can we try to get it up there?" Isabelle asked.

"Knock yourself out." Mark said.

Isabelle saw a large and thick branch. "Get me up there." Isabelle said.

Mark carefully picked up Isabelle by her waist and raised her up so she can reach the branch.

Isabelle began to carefully get across the tree.

Mark looked under the log. "What in the world is under here?" Mark asked crawling through it, and he saw some carving of some woman with some symbol alongside it.

Mark looked at it questionably. 'We're not alone in this place.' Mark thought in his head before he crawled out.

Isabelle placed the bird on there and jumped back down.

Mark crawled out of the log. "There's some carving from, like a knife or something, so probably there's more people in the area." Mark said.

"Alright." Isabelle answered before they started to walk off.


Meanwhile, Caleb, Amanda, and Stella were walking across the place. "Ok I'm pretty sure there's nothing here." Amanda said.

"Don't say that." Caleb said.

"Well we've been walking for hours, and guess what we've found, nothing!" Amanda said.

"So what, as far as we're aware this place can be an entire planet." Stella mentioned.

"Yeah but I'll highly doubt it's this vast and empty." Amanda said.

"Goodness lord do you two do anything other than argue with one another?" Caleb asked before looking at a carving, the same one Mark saw, and he looked at it closer. "From what I remember of you two, you two were inseparable." Caleb went on.

"Times change." Amanda said.

"Yeah but, what on earth could've happen?" Caleb asked before turning to them to see some strange blue creatures running towards them with a net.

"LOOK OUT!" Caleb yelled before trying to tackled the two girls down, but the net caught them and they were trapped in the thick rope.

The three looked at the creatures and began to panic. "What the hell are these things!" Amanda yelled.

"I don't know!" Stella yelled.

The gang began to make some hand motions to one another that the group couldn't make out.

"Don't eat us! We come in piece!" Caleb screamed.

Then, the creatures began to drag the rope across the trail.

Amanda began to feel rage and try to rip the rope, but it was not even working.

The others try to do the same, but the rope was probably made by the strongest rope ever made so they couldn't rip it as the creatures continued to be dragged.


Meanwhile, Mark and Isabelle were still walking and noticed the sun setting. "We should probably find a place to set up camp." Isabelle said as they came across a beach. "Perfect." Mark said.


After finding wood and cleaning themselves up from the water, the two began to relax at the campfire. "Pretty interesting day if you ask me." Mark laughed.

Isabelle remained silent. "I'll give this place this, it's pretty to look at." He said.

Isabelle sighed. "What do you think's happening back home?" Isabelle asked.

Mark looked at Isabelle. "And by that you mean..." Mark asked.

"Our families, they have to notice we're missing." Isabelle said.

Mark sighed. "Yeah, that's probably not going well." Mark said.

"I mean how could they react? Did my parents call your mom or vice versa? How did the police get involved? What about our other friends and family? How did they react?!" Isabelle panicked.

"Is, calm down and take a few deep breaths." Mark said.

Isabelle slightly calmed down. "Sorry, it's just scary to think what would happen when you're not there." Isabelle said.

"You're right about that." Mark replied.

"Why are you so calm about this! You might never see your mother again." Isabelle said.

"I know. But I guess I just gotten use to the weird in life." Mark said.

"This is the standard weird for you?!"

"No not that, but it's relatively there with some of the kids in school." Mark said which made Isabelle chuckle.

"You know judging by this is a fantasy like world, there might be a way back home." Mark guessed.

"That would be great, I hope it doesn't get worse by running into other monsters." Isabelle said.


The two turned to see a massive dark cave. "Who's that?" Isabelle asked.

"I don't know but it's someone." Mark said before grabbing a large stick and burning the top. "Stay here." Mark said before running inside the cave.

Isabelle sighed and sat there next to the fire and heard some chattering.

She turned to see some blue creatures, the same ones the others ran into.

Isabelle looked at them before they ran to the fire and made themselves at home. "Hi there." Isabelle said holding back from acting casual.


Mark walked across the cave. "Hello!" Mark yelled.


"What the... How do you know my name!" Mark yelled.

"It's me Grant!"

"Grant! As in Grant Williams!"

"Yeah! Get me out!"

"How'd you get here!" Mark yelled beginning to run.

Mark then saw Grant's glasses on the ground.

He picked them up. "I don't know!" He heard from above.

Mark looked up to see Grant hanging upside down by a web. "Get me out!" Grant yelled.

Mark jumped up and began to burn the web around Grant.

The web burned and Grant dropped to the ground.

Grant stood up rubbing his head and Mark passed him his glasses. "So how'd you end up in webs?" Mark asked before they both saw the spider yell at them.

"That." Grant said before they began to run for their lives as the spider chased after them.


The critters and Isabelle were relaxing by the fire. "Isabelle!" She heard Mark yell from the cave.

Isabelle turned to the cave to see the light of the torch burning from the rocks. "What did you do!" Isabelle yelled.

She saw Mark and Grant run outside of the cave with the spider following them. "I found a few friends!" Mark repiled.

Isabelle screamed and the creatures hid behind the rocks.

Isabelle grabbed a flaming stick from the fire as Mark and Grant got closer.

They jumped aside her and she whacked the spider in the face with the fire.

The spider screamed and stumbled across the beach.

Grant grabbed his own stick of fire and the three stood up. "Go for the legs!" Grant yelled before the three charged at the spider.

They smacked the fire against the spider and the spider winced in pain.

The spider began to spin in circles and the three got separated.

Grant fell underneath the spider and dropped his glasses. "Shit!" Grant yelled before looking for his glasses.

Isabelle jumped onto a spider's legs and was tossed up and down rhythmically to the spider moving and she screamed.

Mark jumped onto the spider and beated the spider with it.

"Isabelle! Get Grant!" Mark said.

Isabelle dropped to the ground and crawled into where Grant was.

Mark jumped down to the back of the spider and shoved the fire stick up it's back and the spider froze in place.

Isabelle grabbed Grant and his glasses and pulled them out from under the spider.

The spider screamed and dropped to the ground.

Mark pulled out the stick and tossed it into the water.

The creatures yelled and grabbed their own sticks before beating the spider senselessly. "Who are these guys?" Mark asked.

"I don't know." Isabelle said. "They just appeared." She said.

The creatures looked at them happily and hugged them. "You're welcome." Grant said.

"Wait Grant how are you here?" Isabelle asked.

"I don't know." Grant said. "I just appeared on this beach, and then you two saved my butt." Grant answered.

Mark sighed. "Odd, none of us know how we got here." Mark said before the creatures grabbed their hands and began to drag them back into the forest. "Ok what do you want to show us little guys?" Mark asked.

The creatures said nothing and continued bringing them to an unknown location.

Then, the trio of humans realized what they were heading for.

It was some village with many other creatures like the little guys, houses with lights with bridges under a waterfall that connected to other areas, and food areas.

The little creatures dragged them into the place and showed the humans off to them.

All eyes drawn to them and looked in amazement. "Hi." Mark said.

"Where'd you find them sweetie?" One of the female creatures asked.

"You guys can talk?" Grant asked.

"Of course we can, just our older people can, have you ever heard of us?" She asked.

"Funny story about that, there's a misunderstanding happening and we just kinda somehow teleported here at this place we never heard of." Mark tried to explain before everyone gasped in shock.

"Wait everyone!" A stern male voice said suddenly from the far side. "We're not 100% sure if they are the ones told in the myth." He said.

"Myth?" Grant asked.

"There's only 3 of these things. There has to be 3 more." He said before they heard more celebrating.

They all turn to see other children dragging a rope net with other humans in it.

"Oh damn!" Mark yelled before the humans ran towards it.

The kids let go of the net and Stella, Caleb, and a furious Amanda got up.

"Stella! Caleb!" Mark yelled.

"Mark? Isabelle?" Stella asked.

"Grant?" Caleb asked.

"Where are we!" Amanda yelled about to attack the creatures, but Caleb and Isabelle held her back.

"Calm down! They're nice." Grant said.

"The myth is true!" The older creature yelled before they all celebrated.

The six humans looked off in confusement. "We shall have a town meeting at this instant!" He yelled. "Set up huts for our saviors!"

"What is this place?" Isabelle asked.

The man smiled. "Guardians, welcome to Argond." He said.

And that was the pilot episode for The Lost Guardians of Argond! Hoped you all loved it, cause I'm working really hard on it.

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