"You shall be thier savior child..." Darla, an angel of beauty far beyond us said.

"You'll be their hope" she added, pouring a stream of glowing water over Dula's naked body, it was infused with the blood of angels and mortals alike. Dula lifted her arms up and into the air, extended her wings far out and lifted her chin upwards, accepting the baptism.

"I give you power over mortals, over this new world, and all the creatures within it... do with it as you desire young one" Darla chanted as she parted the clouds and let her fall beneath. "The best of luck in your travels." Darla whispered one last time before her.


A storm seemed to be brewing on the outskirts of a town called Markarth, but not the kind of storm that you might be thinking of, one far worse.

"Evacuate the city, more are coming this way!" Faith ordered the other soldiers. With her tall and slender figure, one might think her weak, but among the rest of the soldiers she was one with the toughest of attitudes and with long raven colored hair a beauty to behold. You could hear the sirens all around the now ruins of Markarth. Markarth was a town with a population of atleast 500 people, a town where there was hardly ever any criminal activities. It was a town that lived peacefully and in harmony, that is, until now.

"Theres too many! Fall back everyone!" Aidan shouted over all the shooting. He was a young guy with a pale, slim and toned build. His short blonde locks sticking to his dirt smeared face he waved the rest of the soldiers in battle over. They were all tired to the bone because the leader of their enemy, Faustus, and his soldiers had been attacking all around the town, killing innocent people and destroying their homes. The nature behind their atack was yet unknown, but thankfully the towns soldiers always stood at the ready for any danger that might arise. The soldiers ran, in order to get away safely, because as bravely as they'd fought it seemed hopeless. Suddenly, the ground shook slightly.

"What the hell was that just now?!" Cyrus asked, stunned. Cyrus was a heavy set man with fierce black eyes, and a dark and well toned body, he was a tough guy that fought passionately for their cause and cared greatly for his friends.

"Faustus and his army seem to be moving in to take care of whoever might remain back in town. Let's move out quickly while we still can" Lucius ordered. Lucius was the leader of the group and with a toned body like his and tall figure with raven hair and eyes the color of blood, he was a man to fear if not on his right side.

"Wait- Lucius, theres still survivors back there, wounded and helpless!" Igni gasped as she walked up to to Lucius. Lucius looked down at her, her small figure and short brown hair bouncing as she walked up looking up at him with her hazel eyes and baby doll face. He knew going back for survivors was a risk he could not take. He couldn't let their numbers dwindle anymore than they already had.

"Get any remaining survivors on your way out only, at this point we can't do anything more for the rest of them back there...I'm sorry" Lucius said. They all stared back back with sympathetic looks but obliged. As much as it hurt leaving friends and family you knew behind, there really was no other option. If they stayed any longer, they would fall before Faustus and his men along with the rest of the town. We lived in a world where every town and city was pretty much to each their own. People were not usually united with other large groups but there were instances where a group of people got together and wreaked havoc on others for pleasure, power or other insane reasons.

As Igni kept on walking along with the rest of the group, past the rest of the towns remains, she saw something right of her peripheral vision. Turning, she saw a young girl who looked to be about 18 or 19 years old. She lay unconscious and facedown on the ground. Igni approached her small body and placed a hand on the small of her back. "Hey wake up, are you okay?" Igni asked. Strangest thing was that she wore nothing, she was completely nude. She brushed the auburn hair away from her small pale face and took her umber colored coat off and placed it on the girl, suddenly looking back in the distance to the sound of enemies nearing by. Igni called Aidan over to help her carry the girl out, he carried her out in his arms noticing she hardly weighed a thing, the poor thing so slender and weak. The rest of the team ran out side by side as a fight broke out closeby, sending rubble from a building nearby towards them and knocking the young girl from out of Aidans arms.

CHAPTER 2 A Fatal Truth

Darla awoke on her side, confused and disoriented. Blood trickling down her face, and her left arm felt bruised to the touch. She slowly and painfully sat up holding herself up careful to not faint looking around dazed.

Faustus appeared before the group and ordered his men to kill them off. He was a sight to behold with his long platinum hair, sharp silver eyes and heavy build. His own men seemed terriffied of him, a menacing look not doing him any good. Before his men could atack, Aiden hurried and helped Igni to her feet as Lucius ran forward to pick up Darla into his arms and scurried off with the rest of them. Thankfully all the smoke in the air helped conceal them and get away from the turmoil.

The group ran endlessly throughout the night along with the few survivors they were able to save, until they reached a clearing that was miles out from Markarth. Somewhere Faustus and his men would not think to look.

"That was a close one back there" Cyrus sighed, beads of sweat rolling down his forearms and everywhere else. Everyone else gathered around and made sure to stay close and began helping the wounded and set up guards here and there to ensure the safety of the group.

Aiden set Dula down carefully on the grass making sure to tighten Ignis coat around her, thankfully it was a long enough coat so that it concealed most of her small figure. Faith walked over infront of Dula and crouched with her hands on top of her knees and smiled sweetly "Hey there, you don't seem familiar. Can you tell me your name?" she asked, reaching in her black bag, taking out a first-aid kit. And that was the thing about Faith, despite her tough personality, she was quite a sweetheart towards the younger people, almost like a young mother.

Dula looked at her in a daze, the woman before wore black latex short and a white camisole with a beige jacket wrapped around her waist. Her voice seemed soft and distant and she had warm amber eyes locked on her. She tried to concentrate on her question but couldn't utter a word.

"She might have a concussion, there was allot of debris around us when the building fell over towards us. " Igni exclaimed, placing a finger to her own head to make her point.

Faith began examining her head for any bumps and bruises. "What i dont understand, is why she isn't wearing any clothes except for your coat Igni." She said with a confused stare. "I try my best to remember every face but yours is not familiar." Faith told Dula as she placed a bandage over the cut by her forehead. She coulnd't stop herself from looking down on her, she was a sight to behold, fair-skinned with long auburn hair, and chestnut colored eyes that seemed emotionless.

To Faiths disapointment, she didn't answer, but instead started looking around at all the wounded people lying around with curiosity. "Allot of people died today, and many are wounded because of Faustus and his men..." Faith said, running a cloth over her cheek to wipe away the dried up blood.

A phone rang over in Lucius's direction and looking down at the caller I.D., to his surprise it was Octavia calling. She was from the next town over, someone they could count on in dire situations like this.

"Lucius, i'm afraid i couldn't get ahold of you sooner, but Aiden contacted me earlier and told me what happened, we're sending over medics so sit tight." she exclaimed before cutting off abruptly. He turned over to the group and let everyone know, he was aware there was only so much good news, but it was something. He called Aidan and the rest over and let them know to help the wounded out in the meantime.

Igni walked over to Dula after Faith walked off to help others, and kept prying for more information. Lucius himself came over as well and knelt beside the girl, asking Igni to go check on someone else. He seemed captivated by her warm chestnut eyes. "What's your name?" she whispered to him as soon as Igni walked away, surprising him with how angelic her voice was.

Dula gave him a warm stare, she was absorbed by his charming personality. A tall figure like him and wearing a button down black shirt and fitted beige pants that suit him well. Lucius chuckled and answered "My name is Lucius, can you tell me what happened to you back there because Faith doesn't seem to recognize you, and she's one to remember every face in Markarth. What's your name?" he asked.

"My name...is Dula." she said, looking down at her wounded arm. Noticing this, Lucius moved in with a first-aid kit he found nearby and started working on her arm, but before he could continue, she interrupted him. "Do not worry about me, my body will heal on it's own"

"Ofcourse it will Dula, over time of course" he exclaimed continuing. He stopped midway noticing an odd glow emit from her wounds, and inched back in confusion.

"I came from the heavens Lucius, I am what you would call an angel and Mother has given me a chance to be your peoples last hope...although i seem to have forgotten for a moment due to the previous accident back there." she whispered. Without not knowing what say, Lucius stared at her in disbelief and outrage at the same time. " At a time like this, I would not take our situation lightly and i don't understand, what you speak of is fantasy...what are you?" he asked. "I do not take it lightly, it's the truth." Dula frowned in confusion.

Lucius stood up and faced her, "If what you speak of is true, and you are who you say you are, then help them right now." he gestured in the direction from which they came from. "Bring back the fallen. " he said.

"I cant' do that... If they are dead, then their life ends there. While i can help heal the ones here, there is nothing more i can do for the dead. I am sorry." Dula whispered in a sad tone as she stood. White feathered wings sprouted from her back, through her coat, and extended behind her. People started to gather around them in disbelief. There was a sudden glow surrounding the young Dula, and soon after, a bright gleam of light exploded from her and a beam of light shot up into the sky. Lucius himself stared in speechlessness upwards. Rain started pouring all around them as a result and people shouted with happiness once they noticed the wounds on the injured were being healed. After what seemed like a few seconds had gone by, the rain stopped just as soon as it had started. Helicopters came into view soon after and that took Dulas attention away from the group. Her eyes suddenly turned bloodshot and in that instance she looked as if she was in a rage of some sort. Even the air around her seemed to have turned threatening. Lucius could hear soldiers coming from the helicopters in the background, it looked like the help had arrived.

Dula went flying straight at Lucius, pinning him to the ground. "Who did you bring here!" she growled at him, digging her nails into his chest. Startled by her sudden change in mood, he rolled himself over her and pinned her down himself right as she was about to hurl a sharp object in his direction. "Wait! They're here to help! They mean you no harm, i promise. What's gotten into you all of a sudden?" He uttered. Looking back to him and the helicopters, Dula eased up a bit and tried to calm herself from her rage, as an angel there was power in her anger, but as a fallen angel she didnt know how far her power could take her so she had to be careful. She wasnt yet accustomed to the technologies of the people, and she was weary of potential enemies. She recalled Mother speaking of great foes that lived amongts the people that had done them wrong in the past and she remembered that a great many of her kind had not been cautious enough.

When Lucius felt her ease up beneath him, he himself eased up and helped her up. "Are you okay Dula?" he asked sincerely. "I-I will be" She said in a shaky voice. Her wings had disapeared in that instance.

"Alright everyone, back up, we gotta get packing. We'll sort this out!" Faith yelled over at the crowd gathered around the scene. Everyone had questions, and concerns. But they'd have to move soon again, while she was as shocked as everyone else by what had just iunfolded, she needed to change everyones direction away from this scared girl. Lucius would know what to do, he was the leader afterall.

Lucius gave Faith a nod of approval and directed Dula over to the helicopters by the shoulders.

"Lucius, a pleasure to meet you once again." Octavia exclaimed as she walked over to meet them. She seemed completely unaware of what had just unfolded. Octavia and her people were from a town called Claren with a population of only 140. She looked mature despite her young age, and she was a very intelligent girl. She wasnt too short or tall either, she had long black hair and dark brown eyes that looked right into your soul. she wore a lab coat along with some scrubs underneath, and prescription glasses. "I brought along people we could spare, I'm sorry it's not much" she exclaimed, giving Dula a small once over. "No, it's more than enough, we've handled a few things ourselves. But we hope you stick around Octavia." Lucius said, motioning her towards the people behind him. She walked past him, waving her people over to help in any way they could.

As soon as they were out of hearing distance, Lucius turned back to Dula. "Where exactly are you from?" he asked with a questioning look.

"It is hard to explain in words, in a way it is nowhere in this time, but a place in time where we live in peace and harmony. The few of us atleast. We're chosen you see...chosen to decide your faith as well as others." Dula said in a monotone.

"What do you mean? Why were you sent here?" he questioned her.

"To decide wether or not this planet should keep on existing. And from what i've seen...things are not going in your favor." Dula continued in a monotonous tone, looking intently into his dark eys.

"If what youre saying is really true, you have to help us Dula." Faith interrupted, strolling by them.

"I have to figure some things out on my own, not just for the sake of your people, but everyone else here as well." Dula stated, slowly walking away from the both of them. She was confused, if nothing else. The state the planet seemed to be in was unnaceptable. She had only been there a short amount of time and already she encountered war, death, dolefuleness. She wanted to do what she could to help everyone, but there were rules set in stone as well.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Igni shouted after, catching up to her and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Do not place your hands on me please." Dula growled at her with a stern stare. "I need to find others now" she exclaimed, softening her tone of voice. Dula walked away soon after that, leaving the rest of the group perplexed by her actions.

"Lucius, what are we going to do? We need her with us." Igni uttered with a blank stare.

"I don't know, but if what she claims is really true, thats two problems we now have. We have to find a way to get her on our side and help us somehow." Lucius muttered.

"You want to know what i think? I call bullshit, we have more important things to worry about! We're at war here, the last thing we need to worry about is some child and a silly fantasy of hers." Cyrus exclaimed in disbelief, puffing his chest out.

"We could really use her to defeat Faustus and his men once and for all, all they do is go around the world terrorising innocent bystanders." Faith said.

Lucius believed they found her for a reason, while religion no longer existed in the world, he felt it necesarry for them to have a little hope on something atleast. He himself had heard old tales from his grandfather about angels and demons in the form of man. And while the stories were non existent, maybe there was something in relation to those tales that was causing the problems they were currently in. Lucius decided to take measures into his own hands and he started after Dula.

"I need you all to help take everyone furhter away from here, somewhere safe and secure! I'll find you" Lucius shouted behind him.

Dula did not know what to make of things. Her first impressions when she awoke in this new world were not good. In some way, she wanted to quickly get things over with and just go back home. She was aware it was a selfish thought, but where would she even begin. All Mother told her was that she was their last hope, and she needed to find a way to save them...but only if she felt it deserving. Mother had faith in her to save the people from the awaiting demise, maybe there was a chance.

"Dula!" Lucius shouted after her. She stopped in her tracks, and turned to face him. "Listen, we could really use your help. We have noone else, I understand you have more important things to take care of but the fact of the matter is, we won't make it without your help." He stated. "Listen, what if you help us and we help you in return?" He pleaded with her.