A Journey into the Realm of Complete Bollocks

Charming I'm Sure

They call me prince charming and I'm the man that married Cinderella. Of course, in her poor and naïve way she believes it was fate, or a fairy godmother. It always surprises me what poor people will believe, but that is Cinderella's real charm. She believes I'm a good man who has come to save her from poverty, when it's my family that created the poverty that she and many others live in. We could do any number of things to reduce or even eliminate the poverty, but its so very needful to not just my family, but all the wealthy families everywhere. Where would all the prostitutes come from? You need to keep them hungry or the lazy animals wouldn't do a lick of work. Their animals, filthy lazy animals, the lot of them, and they need us to lead them or they would do nothing.

Cinderella is different and I knew she would be mine from the first time I saw her. She was in the streets wearing ragged clothes, but she still looked perfect, the most perfect thing I had ever seen. I had one of my servants follow her home, and after that it gets complicated, but when you have an army of servant scum, life just seems to serve up what you want, and I wanted Cinderella.

It was easy to persuade the stepmother to go along with the scheme. All she was told is that a wealthy gentleman wanted to spend the night with her stepdaughter, and she would payed handsomely for the girl's virginity. The stepmother would be required to put the magic mushrooms (that were mixed with honey) into the girl's tea, and then an elderly female with some servants would come to prepare her. She would need to be bathed, and her hair cleaned and made up. I had a dress made for her, and crystal slippers. When she was prepared, she would be brought to me. However, when she got here, she was talking about a fairy godmother and four rat footmen, pumpkin carriages and all sorts of nonsense.

The stupid old cow gave her all the fucking mushrooms, Cinderella was high as a kite and was insensible for the whole night, but she was as cute as anything. So disarmingly naïve, she saw magic and wonder in everything that night.

I thought the bondage orgy would have left more of an impression her, and yet even now she describes it as the most magical ball she has ever been to, and with so many beautiful people. Those three ugly sisters of hers were there and damn near recognised her, but they were on a fuck hungry mission that night, and I'm sure I got her out of there to early for anyone to have been the wiser. I knew I had to get that wonderful girl out of there and it was only twelve, but she was wankered, and I was regretting having her there more and more. She was making me feel bad for doing the things I enjoy, and she made me feel out of place, by herself being out of place among my own. I took one of those crystal shoes as an excuse to search for her, and no one could not call it destiny. The will of the gods and who would go against god, especially considering what his clergy would do to you if you didn't. Strangely I found her quite quickly. God must be on my side, and she didn't have a club foot and so the shoe could have fit any number of women. Those three fat ugly bitches nearly fucked things up. Wanting to try the footwear on. I thought they were lesbians, two of them wore strap on dildo's, and the third was carrying a vibrator in each hand. They did not break the slipper and it all worked out happily ever after in the end. Cinderella's mushroom fantasy even got published into a children's story, a fairy-tale all can enjoy, and I'm the hero of the story. Now that's charming I'm sure.