A Kid on The Internet

Being a kid on the internet is hard
Sometimes the people are just two different cards
You don't know what you did
And then you get banned.

No one gives you a second glance
Mods and admins glare and don't give you another chance
"You're annoying," they say
"Come back another day."

They call your words "spam"
You feel like they took all your RAM
You know that you know all the things that you know
But realize that everywhere you go
Everyone knows more than you ever will
And you feel dwarfed by all the pros.

You skip all the rules for sake of time
But everywhere you go there seems to be mimes
Hissing and kicking, you feel harassed
But no one listens and you just want to pass.

Yes, life on the internet is hard for us
But for a good reason, so don't fuss
The internet is real, it's not school
No one gives you leeway; no one thinks you're cool.

Here on the internet
It's full of adults
It's real-life
And real-life sucks
People cheat and steal
Kindness is rare
So be thankful and take care.

Rules and regulations are strictly in place
Real-life is complicated, such a complex case
As a kid you are unprepared
If you dive in there, you get snared.

But it's worth it, to be a kid on here
You may get pushed and pulled over there
But in the long term, it'll be alright
You learn what's out there

And when you come of age
And you get a job
You involve in all types of real-life drama
But don't fear
'cause you came prepared
And with all the things you learned online
You can settle in
And live a happy life.