Her disease
As she found out
Was contagious

That sneeze
Had done more than stain
It spread her disease

Beyond that red mist

This hadn't happened before
Her condition was stabilized
But that was usually

Her condition had further destabilized
And she sneezed, spraying a red mist
Into the void

And onto whatever was in front of her.

They all watched
Staring aghast at the aftermath
The damage was done

They were exposed

Until that point
She wasn't contagious
Not before

It was a matter of time

Her condition was stable
Now her medicine stopped working
She'd be hospitalized

But not before the spread could be stopped

In time, they started to have
Symptoms like hers, bleeding from the inside out
Unable to be touched

By the ones that treated them
Lest the disease spread further

She'd get put on heavier medicines
To destabilize her condition but the others
Would die

In a bloody mess
As the disease spread.