A Journey into the Realm of Complete Bollocks


I used to work for the NHS, the health care system in Britain, but I no longer work for them. I would sell my soul to be back there now, but I no longer work in the NHS because they found out body parts were going missing, and after many months discovered who was taking them. They didn't want a scandal and so I was pushed out they door with force. They thought I was a ghoul, an eater of the dead. However, I am a cannibal, an eater of those I've killed. Working at the hospital morgue was perfect, and the high turnover of staff, no one noticed the odd disappearance. One person a year with scraps from the morgue got me by just fine, but I got greedy and started selling organs on the darknet to the ghouls online. I made a good living off that side-line, and I have had to make up the deficit ever since.

Now I work at the airport and with so many people coming through everyday nobody notices me, and I check their passports with their names and addresses on. Hannibal Lecter put it best when he called them free range rude, and the police never come to the airport to ask questions. Too busy with spouses and jilted lovers. far too many family connections to sift through, and they were all cunt's! Each and every one of them, which is why the police have so many suspects, and if they haven't come calling after twnety, then they aren't coming at all.

I tell everyone at work I'm a vegetarian and I don't eat meat, I do, but only the people meat for me. Once you've tasted it there really is no going back, and no other meat will ever do.

I have a list of five people that I need to investigate whilst they're on holiday, and I have to be quick because orders are beginning to get backed up, and they are depleting my personal stock. I am selling all over the world as the demand seems to be rising, North America, Africa, South America and two customers in Australia. I don't know why the "A" continents are so human hungry. Austria has not seemed to want to carry on the "A" country tradition of human flesh dinning, but they are in Europe. I can make a fortune alone on penis sales, they shift like hot cakes. Vaginas not so much for some reason, and men make up the majority of my customers.

So, if you're looking for fresh fast delivery of human food parts, then look me up on darknet. I'm listed as Human Munchies, and please do enjoy your holiday.