Story Summary

Alistair Cardaillot was once a regular office worker in Modern time. But after taking a bullet to the chest to save someone, He gets reincarnated to another world as a reward for his selflessness actions for those in need.

It'll a rough road for him to get used to his new life in the new world, but combined with his knowledge and newfound powers. He'll take on any challenges the world has to throw at him.

Even A World where Mages are labeled as Practitioners of the Devil

Modern Time...

In the present time, A simple office worker was working late while some of his colleagues were about to leave the office. But one of them noticed him

"Hey, Alistair. You've been working hard lately. Why not take a break and hang out with us for once," He requested

Alistair glanced at his colleague and shook his head a few times

"Sorry, But I need to finish this first and head home afterward," He said,

His colleague shrugged his shoulders and turned away from Alistair

"Suit yourself, but don't work too much, man" His colleague advised

"I won't," Alistair replied as his colleague left the office with a few of his friends

A few hours later, Alistair finished working with his night shift, grabbed his bag and was on his way home

'I wonder what I'll have for dinner, It's not like I have someone waiting for me at home though' He wondered in thought Because Alistair only lives by himself ever since his parents have passed away and lived with his grandparents until he graduated from his university and started living all on his own after he applied for a job.

'Eh, I'll just settle in with the usual meal for tonight' He said, shrugging his shoulders

He had already gotten used to being all by himself at home. But he intends to interact with his colleagues when he has nothing better to do at work.

But today was the last day of his life...

Alistair was walking his way towards his home until he had heard a scream nearby and he turned to the direction of the scream.

He had saw a crazed man holding a little girl hostage with the barrel of his pistol at the right side of the girl's head. Everyone stayed a few meters back from the man which the latter started shooting a few rounds towards the sky.

The police soon arrived at the scene, draw their pistols and aimed at the crazed man.

"This is the police! Drop the gun and release the girl!" A police officer shouted

"Don't you come any closer! Or I will shoot her!" The crazed man threaten, holding his gun at the little girl's right temple

Alistair went past a few of the bystanders to got closer look on the scene. He widens his eyes on the situation and he could even see the little girl crying in fear while the man holding her hostage kept shouting threats about killing her.

"Sir! Drop the gun and release her at once!" The other police officer shouted

"I said don't come any closer!" The Crazed threat, then aimed his gun at the police officers and was about to the trigger.

But suddenly Alistair jumps in, grabs the man by his arm, and the crazed man fired a single round but Alistair managed to divert his aim towards the sky. The girl was released from her captivity and ran straight back into her mother's arms.

Alistair was now fighting against the man while he fights over for the gun. A few shots were fired but were fired towards the sky. Until gun went straight towards Alistair's chest and the man fired the last round of his pistol into Alistair's chest.

Alistair lets go of the man's arm and drops into the ground on his back. A police officer lunges towards the crazed man and brought him down into the ground and restrained the crazed man with his handcuffs while his partner tends to Alistair's bleeding chest.

Alistair's consciousness was starting to fade into darkness and couldn't remain his consciousness for long. He could hear the fade sounds of the police officer speaking to him but couldn't understand a single word from him. The little girl and her mother went beside him as well and Alistair saw the little girl sobbing for him since he sacrificed himself just to save her.

In the last moments of Alistair's life, He made a small smile to the little girl he saved which caused the little girl to cry even more. Soon, his consciousness faded away as he closes his eyes and fell in peace... Until a miracle was brought upon him that day

Unknown Location...

Alistair was starting to wake up and slowly opened his eyes. He looks around his surroundings and was nothing but light shining towards him. He then sat up, but he suddenly felt the spot where he was shot earlier and Alistair holds on the exact spot of the wound.

However, he noticed that the pain was there but the gunshot wound was no longer on his chest.

"Where am I?" Alistair asked, looking around

"Welcome, Alistair" An unknown voice answered

Alistair turned to the direction of the voice he had heard and a woman at the distance. She was wearing a white robe, has long silver hair, and lastly, her eyes as yellow as sunlight.

She approached Alistair, who was confused at first then she bows her head.

"My name is Angelica and I've been expecting for your arrival today," She greeted

"Expecting me? Wait, how did you know my name?" Alistair asked, standing up from the ground

"It's simple, I happened to know the names of the people who arrive here," She explained

Alistair's eyes wandered around and he suddenly realized the current situation he was in.

"I'm dead?" He asked and Angelica nodded

"Yes, Your selfless actions may have caused your own life. In exchange, you have not only saved one but a few others as well," She explained, "And I admired such actions among humans,"

Alistair felt a bit proud to himself for saving those people from crazed man's shoot out. But he also feels great disappointment that he died in the progress. Then he made a side glance at Angelica.

"So tell me? Have you come here to guide me towards the afterlife or something?" He asked,

"Normally I would, but I came here for another reason," She said,

Alistair was curious and turns his attentions to her.

"What would that be?" He asked

"Due to the actions you've made in the previous life. I've made a decided to give you two choices as a reward for your selflessness amongst other," Angelica said, "It's either I guide you to the afterlife or..."

"Or what?" Alistair asked,

"... I send your soul to another world," Angelica finished,

"Another world?" Alistair questioned

"Yes, However, this particular world is quite different. Their technological level is quite inferior to your original world, Magic is common knowledge to its inhabitants, and lastly, there are different kinds of races that exist in certain places of the world," Angelica

"I see. It's kinda like those novels where the Protagonist was sent to another world," Alistair said and receives a nod from the Angelica

"Correct. But like every world you know, there's always conflicts to face and mysteries to solve," Angelica added, "Not even a powerful being such as myself is capable of predicting when and how these events occur,"

"In other words, I need to be prepared," Alistair said,

"Precisely, But back to the main topic. What is your decision?" Angelica asked, then leans closer towards Alistair's face "The Afterlife or The New World?"

The latter took a moment to decide. But as he recalls his previous life, He was basically your average office worker in modern times and when he had nothing to do, He reads a book or plays several games online to pass the time.

It's always the same thing every day in his original world. But with this, He has the chance to do something new as he faced Angelica with a confident expression on his face.

"The latter. I choose the latter," Alistair responded,

Angelica smiled at his decision and approached him.

"Then it's settled. But before you depart to the New World, I have something I want to give to you," Angelica said,

"What is it?" Alistair asked,

Angelica gently places her hands onto Alistair's cheeks, leans her face close to the latter, and unexpectedly, She kisses him in the lips. Causing Alistair to widen his eyes while his body illuminates in a shining bright light.

Once it started to die down, Angelica pulls away from the stunned Alistair, lowers her hands away from his cheeks, and takes a step back with a cheery smile on her lips.

"Good luck and I'll see you very soon," Angelica said,

Before Alistair could say or react. He suddenly disappears in a beam of light and departs to the New World that awaits him.

- Author's Notes -

Hey Guys! Crescent Rider here. And before I wrap things up and continue working on my other stories. I just want to tell you that this story is actually a rework of the old one since the plot I made up is kind of a mess that's confusing to read even for me.

So I threw the old plot away and started a new approach as an attempt to make it less confusing. If there are still a few things that are confusing you, Then you can notify me and I'll try to fix them as best as I can.

But please refrain from flaming this story. I'm not much of a great writer and I'm fully aware I'm bound to miss a few mistakes in some parts of the chapter.

That's all I need to say, and I'll see you all in the next chapter!