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A few days have passed after Alistair's was transported to the New World. But on his first day, He couldn't get one certain memory out of his head.

He eventually got over it when he noticed he was standing in the middle of the forest and decided to navigate his way through the forest to find a road that may lead to a village or someplace to stay in for the.

As he went walks through the forest, He decided to find out what was the 'gift' he received from Angelica besides the fact that it was a direct kiss she had given to him before his departure.

Fortunately for him, What he received was a few basic abilities, skills, and even magic that exists in the world he was sent in. But when he checked his stats and magic. He has yet to be mastered before he could use its full potential.

This, combined with his skills in survival, made him survive a few days in the wilderness and the wildlife somewhat preferred to keep their distances away from him while he camps in for the night.

It has been going on for the last couple of days... Until it all changes in one fateful afternoon.

Alistair was still walking his way in a single direction in hopes of finding a road or a sign that may lead to a nearby village.

But Alistair suddenly hears a leaves rustling nearby and he immediately turns his head towards the bushes. The latter then remained cautious while he conjures a ball of fire on top of his hand in case if he had to fight some predators.

Moments later, The ones causing the rustling comes out of the bushed and Alistair's eyes twitched a bit when he saw two girls wearing ragged clothing and dirt all over their bodies.

The first child was about 16 to 18 years old and has long black hair and cat ears while the other child was about 11 to 12 years old and has shorter hair than the first child

"This is something. If I remember correctly, Their beastsmen that exists in this world. I never thought I run into one," Alistair said in thought,

Then he immediately disperses the flames and kneels towards them, But the older girl steps forward and growled her teeth while showing off her claws towards the former.

"Hey, It's okay," Alistair said, reaching his hand out to them, "I'm not going to hurt you,"

The older girl hesitated at first while the younger one was hiding right behind her. Then, one of their stomachs growled a bit and caused the older girl to fluster in embarrassment. As for Alistair, He playfully chuckled at this and leans a bit towards them.

"Are you hungry?" Alistair asked,

They didn't respond at first, but the older girl lightly nods a bit and Alistair smiled at this, then a small portal that lets to a pocket dimension just behind him, reaches out for something inside of it, and pulls out two pieces of cooked meat as he offered it to the two.

The older girl slowly approached him with the younger girl holding onto her, immediately grabs the meat from Alistair's hand, gave the other piece to the younger girl and both started eating it.

Alistair smiled again as the two girls finished their meat, and both turned towards him.

"Thank you... Mister," The older girl said, surprising Alistair a bit but he smiled none the less.

"You're welcome," Alistair said,

"Do you have any more?" The younger girl asked,

"Yeah," Alistair replied, then pulled out another small piece of cooked meat from his pocket dimension, "Do you want to take it?"

The younger girl nodded several times, and Alistair slowly approached her with the piece of meat on hand. The former immediately took it from his hand and began eating it once more like no tomorrow,

"You sure are hungry," Alistair commented, then he moves an inch closer to the two"Is your home nearby by any chance?"

Both girls suddenly twitched at his question and they turned their heads away from him with a sad expression on their faces.

As for Alistair, he knew what these expressions meant and regretted his question to the two.

"On second thought, Don't answer that. But can you tell me-" Just before Alistair could ask his question. The older girl's cat ears twitched a bit and her eyes widen as soon as she heard something from behind.

She immediately grabbed the younger girl's wrist and went behind Alistair without hesitation,

"Hey, what's wrong?" Alistair asked,

The older girl simply gripped his fingers onto the back of his leg and as for Alistair's question. It was answered when the latter suddenly hears the bushes rustling and what comes out was a group of men with a muscular man wearing a metal shoulder guard, leather shirt and pants with a sword on his right side of his waist, and a scowl on his face as their leader.

Alistair glanced at the two girls behind him and saw them trembling at the sight of the man while the latter soon spotted the two girls behind him.

"Well, what do you know. I knew you two wouldn't run away too far from these woods," The leader said, then he turns towards Alistair, "And who the hell are you?"

Alistair remained silent while the man was unamused by this but still kept a cool head.

"You know what? Don't answer. I'm here for those two," The leader said, pointing towards the two girls hiding behind Alistair.

"Why?" Alistair asked,

"Those two brats are escapees from a camp not too far from here. My goal was to find them and bring them back alive," The leader said, then gripped the handle of his sword,

"What do you plan on doing to them?" Alistair questioned, assuming on what he knows back when he was reading these kind genres from the books he once read in his previous life,

"The Treston Kingdom are paying a good amount of money for each beastsmen we bring to them," The leader said, confirming Alistair's assumption, "If you hand those two over. We may even split the reward,"

His men behind the former silently chuckled at this, but Alistair's extraordinary hearing from Angelica's gift made it clear that these people are not to be trusted.

The two girls were scared as they remembered the days of torment from these men and started to shed tears from their traumatic experience.

Alistair noticed this and recalled the scenario from his first life. Only this time, It's different than the last one.

"If your thinking on taking these girls..." Alistair conjures a ball of fire from his hand and throws it near the leader's feet as he glared at them, "Over my dead body,"

"He's a Mage?"

"Well, this might be a problem"

"What should we do, Boss?"

"Don't worry," The leader said, "Even if he's a mage. We can still take him down and capture all three of them at once. Surround them!"

His men then surround them and the two girls were terrified as they know this formation before. It was the same thing they did when they fight against mages of all sorts and this tactic also works on subduing beastsmen as well.

The men were equipped with axes, swords, and spears and wore no armor to protect their bodies from any weapons or magic spell. But their experience is enough to subdue a group of mages or an unprepared enemy.

But Alistair is much more different than both parties.

"Don't worry, you two," Alistair said, and gave a reassuring smile to the two, "I'll protect you,"

The first bandit lunges towards him with his ax. But Alistair creates a magic dome shield that prevents the ax from reaching him and the two girls.

The two girls were amazed by this and the bandits were surprised by this sudden spell.

"Whoa..." The older girl muttered in amazement,

The leader grinds his teeth in annoyance. But soon turned it into a smirk as he thought of an idea that may bring Alistair out of his protection barrier.

"A Protection Barrier? Really? That spell is for cowardly mages!" He yelled, catching Alistair's attention as the latter turns towards him with a frown,"'Good, It looks like I got his attention'. You may think that barrier will keep you safe from us. But this is nothing for but proof of your cowardice,"

The leader's men smirked at this and started taunting him as well. The two little girls behind Alistair began to worry that he would release the barrier and face them head-on. The younger girl decided to catch his attention by tugging onto his shirt managed as he turns to her.

Alistair could tell that the two were concerned for him. But suddenly made a smile to her, kneels down on her level, and patted her head a few times.

"It's alright, Little one. I can take'em. Just don't leave this spot, Okay?" Alistair said,

The younger girl nodded while Alistair stood up straight and conjure a ball of water in his hand. The leader and his men saw this and chuckled at this sight.

"Water? What are you going to do with that? Splash us to death?" The leader said with a mocking tone in his voice and his men laughed.

But Alistair then manipulated the water's shape into a sword then he blows onto it and became an ice sword with a firm handle.

"Did he just turn that water into ice with his breath?"

"No way, He's going to fight us with that kind of weapon?"

"Don't worry about it, men," The leader said, "That sword may look interesting, But soon It'll shatter like glass,"

Meanwhile, Alistair ignored them as he turned to the older girl,

"I want you to cover her eyes and make sure she doesn't see this," Alistair ordered,

"O-Okay," The older girl replied, then she wrapped her arms around the little girl and diverted her line of sight away from Alistair while the latter goes out of the barrier and the men surrounding him chuckled as they tightly gripped onto their weapons,

"So, Who's first?" Alistair asked, with his sword at the ready,

"I am!" A bandit holding a sword yelled as he lunged towards him with his sword over his head, "NOW, DIE!"

In Alistair's point of view, the bandit's attack was slow and he avoids the attack by stepping aside towards his right and slashes the bandit with the ice sword once towards the chest.

After the confrontation, The bandit turns back to Alistair with his sword at the ready but the latter simply glance towards him with a composed look on his face.

"What's wrong? You-" Before the bandit could continue his sentence, he suddenly felt a sharp pain from the slash he received and started screaming in agony as he went to his knees, holding onto his wound.

"What the?!"

"What's happening to him?!"

Soon their questions were answered when the bandit's slash wound was revealed and the other bandits were shocked to see ice all over the chest area and still spreading all over his body.

This caused the rest of the bandits to raise their weapons against Alistair while the latter simply waited for their next move.

"Now..." Alistair raises his ice sword and points it towards his enemies, "Whose Next?"

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