The petals on the nearby tree were fragile; easily blown away from the smallest touch of the wind. On this day was particularly harsh. Both in a sense that the wind was a sign of an oncoming storm and that life was a cruel mistress taking revenge on the wife. The orange petals danced in the air; it was the only sign of happiness on this day. And though they fell like chicks from a high nest, they did not worry about what would happen when they reached the ground. Indeed... dancing should be the verb. The petals were people collecting at the bottom of stairs to dance with others; to have a ball and banquet. It was a beautiful sight with the many different color petals as if they were all different ballgowns. Of reds and oranges; of greens and yellows.

Yet, the people gathered on this day, whether in the room when it will happen or outside it or even at their house waiting for the message, would not and could not see it. Their eyes were blinded by the tears spilling out. 'Rain came down from their skies' as the girl would put it. Everyone had their own sky. Some were stuck at midnight, some at dawn. However, there was only one person to the girl who didn't have a sky but instead had a treasure chest.

Of emeralds, sapphires, and tiger eyes.

That one person being here, by her side, tightly holding her frail hand. His "rain" was the most silent sounding. There was no pitter-patter to be heard. There was no resistance. They simply poured out in a similar way as the petals outside were pulled out by the wind.

The girl didn't like the rain. She didn't think it looked beautiful as flowers or was peaceful as ocean waves. It was distressing to her...


He nodded. He couldn't speak but the words didn't need to be spoken. They understood each other like that. A comfortable silence was what kept them together as glue. They didn't have to speak at times where it wasn't needed or wanted. They could just... be here- together- and it would all be okay.

"Your gems... they're not as shiny..." She whispered.

He shook his head, "I'm sorry..."

A weak smile formed on her face. Her body felt too weak to do anything she wanted to do. The only warmth she had was the warmth that held her hand.

"When you leave... go to the moon for me? I wish I could see her now..."

"What should I say?"

"Tell her..."

As her voice became more and more quiet, so did the wind. Eventually, even she did not know what she had said. Her mouth just moved on their own before they had to be close forever. Though she hated tears, she couldn't stop her own from coming.

She felt like the flowers outside; fragile...

The man brought her pale hand to his lips so she could feel the vibrations of his hum. It was their song...

She closed her eyes slowly...

"Goodnight" was the last she heard.

"Goodnight... my light."