Charlotte turned her head with hopefulness in her eyes. The figure was soon lit up by the light of the room along with the light from the sun.

His appearance was full of contrasts; of black and white. His dark hair was hiding his most of his face, which she couldn't see, and his skin was considerably more paler than hers—he was very fair and it added contrast to his dark hair and clothes.

However, even though Charlotte was the only one in the room (besides him), it seemed like he didn't see her. Whether or not it was because his hair was long or because his head was kept down (so low that his neck was visible from the front) was debatable.

Whatever the reason, it gave off a bad impression. It seemed like his surroundings didn't matter to him (judging from his head being held low since walking in and the long bangs).

His top appearance was nothing special, so Charlotte's eyes moved downwards... And there! A book was being carried!

'That must be it! In the Heart of the Sea!'

Charlotte went up to the unknown boy, but he had walked past her as though she didn't exist. Truth be told, she felt a little offended. What was she? A paper on the floor or something?

"Excuse me!" She called out to him in a polite but assertive manner.

He didn't stop. Instead, he found a chair facing the window and just sat down. The boy didn't have anything in his ears so he either didn't hear her clearly or was deaf. Luckily, Charlotte knows a little sign language. She went up behind him and poked his shoulder. Immediately, the boy tensed up and whipped his head around. His eyes were still hidden but his cheeks became a little pink. Charlotte lifted up her hands in a way to convey she didn't mean to startle him.

"Uh, sorry! I was trying to get your attention."

She signed out a sincere apology after speaking.

But he just stayed silent. Did he not understand anything she just said and did? His eyes darted away from her sight. While they were hidden, the movement was noticeable behind the hair cage bars. It was a strange reaction to her. However, dealing with boredom versus dealing with this boy had a clear winner; dealing with the boy of course! He was the reason she's here at the moment! To back out now is to back out on the sun which also means backing out on the moon, something Charlotte swears to never do.

'Silence gives way to more conversations,' she thought. 'Hopefully.'

So, she continued. First by speaking then followed with ASL.

"Can I borrow the book you're reading? Miss Emily said you were done reading it by now."

"No." An icy, quiet voice. It held an accent in it, but she didn't know what kind.

"Huh?" She was stunned. His response came out of the blue.

"No. It's my book." This time it was more blunt and precise.

"Wah- I promise to bring it back when I'm done! I'm a quick reader, just ask Miss Emily! I even won a trophy for it! It's like something I'm really proud of—"

"I said no. Go away. You're bothering me."

She stood there in silence as he turned his head around. She didn't know what to say... she was shocked! His voice turned into an icicle, stabbing her with words! It was still quiet but the amount of annoyance it held made it seem much more loud.

Once she took in what he said, anger rose inside her. Charlotte wanted to steal the book and run but knew she'd be hunted by the police... she already had enough on her plate! Stealing a book wasn't about to lock her up and ruin her life's dream.

So, the teenage girl decided to browse the bookshelves instead but nothing came up interesting. Her heart gave a little 'humph' in frustration. She's never heard of "In the Heart of the Sea" or who wrote it. But after the librarian told her about it, something she's never done before (actively telling Charlotte of a book recommendation rather than silently giving a book), it piqued the teen's interest. However, it seemed she would have no other way of reading it besides going to the NL. She really didn't want to... 'it's best to avoid that'.

Later that night, instead of going to the Old Library after school or going home, she rode her bike while listening to "Nocturne op.9 No.2" by Chopin. She peddled and peddled until she saw the sign that gave her life; "Lunar Beach".

It was an out-of-the-way beach that not a lot of people came to. Only Charlotte did. Upon seeing the sight before her while hopping off her bike, her chest rose then fell after five seconds. She took in the scent of the night and sea. It was a clear night unlike the cloudy day. The moon was full tonight and flowed like a flower. The stars were glowing too but, like the hand maids they were, did so in moderation to allow their Queen be magnified. It was a graceful sky with rich blues and yellows. The sea was calm as well (most likely because the moon was shining on it similar to a coronation or a knighting).

She stood for a bit to take it all in. Then, after running down the sandy hill, stood at the edge of the water and yelled: (in a royal servant way. Charlotte didn't dare approach the moon as though she was better than the queen. One must approach in a humble manner before speaking commonwealth).

"Moon! I hope you will forgive me for wasting your time tonight! Blame that offensive guy! He's nothing but a rude boy! Just pretending nothing around him exists! He's nothing but a narcissist!"

She ranted some more before taking another deep breath and lowered her voice to a sea-like calm.

"Moon, I'm sorry... You listen to me and look after me while I vent in anger. I wish I could appease you by living here, but I can't. I still have a year to go before I can graduate but everyone is keeping me chain in place. I want to be free as you, my Queen. Then, we'll be together. I promise."

Charlotte's legs gave way, but she didn't mind. She was used to it by now. Her body then fell on the sand. Her eyes were always looking up at the moon, feeling comforted by her light. Charlotte wasn't a fan of the sun's light. They were too bright. The moon's was bright as well but was also dim, allowing it to cover a wide area and showing its details one might not see with sunlight. The contrasting moonlight was charming to the teen.

"Moon, what do you see in the sun? You can't touch him... you can't speak to him... his light either covers you in complete darkness or covers you in blood from his enemies. Yet, you still love him. You still appreciate him and his loveless way. A selfless love is what you have... I wish I could have that from somebody..."

Her eyes then closed peacefully as she went into a deep sleep. Despite hating the piercing sunlight, Charlotte also appreciates it as it allows her to see certain wonders in the world that close up once evening breaks. Although, she does wish that daytime would never come.

The moon protects her while the sun betrays her.