Viperstone, 10 am

Larry Adams was still groggy by the time he arrived to his shift at Sweet Sweet Pizza, probably a consequence from last night reveries. His uniform as polished and pristine as always, he went to his bike, eager to deliver whatever orders might come his way. The five pizza boxes already stacked on the window courtesy of his boss, Larry stacked them on rack on his bike and began delivering them to the customers.

The first customer was Steven Emmerich living in house No. 7 of Osprey Street. Steven itself was a former boxer, now spending his days tending his rather extensive gardens. Larry ringed the doorbell, the still hot pepperoni pizza at hand.

- Hello, this is Steven Emmerich, correct? Larry said as big, burly man opened the door.

- Yes, that would be me. The man replied back.

- Here's the pepperoni pizza you ordered, sir.

Mr. Emmerich took the pizza, opened the package from the corner and sniffed the aroma. From the look of his face, it seems that he made the right purchase.

- Thank you very much, mate. Me and my SO are gonna love this!

After saying goodbye to each other, Larry continued his shift. The next customers were Sar'ruk Gad, an Orc living in a rundown apartment and Melissa LaMer, a mermaid living in the nearby Lake Pear and a old flame of Larry's. Even today, he can't resist admiring her tail adorned with scales that practically glistens in the moonlight.

Next customer was Lightwave, a superhero. He apparently was once assigned to Chicago before moving over to Viperstone. Or in his own words 'Even a small town can bring lots of excitement' Since the region does see villain activity at times, having someone to go up against them is does brings a certain peace of mind. Unlike many other superheroes who usually have fortresses and the like as their dwellings, Lightwave's more humble and prefers a relatively ordinary house instead.

Larry knocked on the door of the house, wondering if Lightwave is indeed inside or off to fight a villain somewhere. Fortunately, Lightwave was currently home, in his blue-and-gold spandex glory.

- Greetings Lightwave, here's the fantasia you just ordered. Should be still warm.

Lightwave took the package with a smile.

- Thank you. This will get rid of my hunger pangs for a while.

Larry took a peek inside Lightwave's house which appeared to be in a rather destroyed state.

- Excuse me, sir Lightwave , but may I inquire you about the state of your home?

- Oh yes that, I just had a morning tussle with Crusher. Nothing too serious, mind. Can fix it up in no time. Lightwave explained.

- Well, good day sir. May justice always prevail!

The last customer was located outside the town and Larry knew why. For on the ridges of the nearby mountain stood a castle belonging to Morde, an evil Overlord. Why Morde suddenly craved for pizza is a mystery Larry probably didn't want to know. Managing to reach the castle gates with his scooter (thank heavens it's quite durable in a variety of environments), Larry knocked on the door, trying to keep his composure at the same time. The massive wrought-iron doors swung open, revealing a servant carrying a candelabra on the other side.

- G-greetings, I have one fantasia pizza for Lord Morde, still hot and f-fresh. Can you bring it to your master?

The servant eyed Larry for a minute.

- No need for that, delivery boy. You get the honor of bringing the pizza to His Murkiness on person. Come, I will bring you to the throne. The servant said in a conniving voice.

Out of options, Larry decided to follow the goblin. Just what Lord Morde had in store for the poor guy... Compared to the cold stone interiors of the rest of the castle, the throne room was quite luxurious and most importantly warm. Tapestries covered every available surface and on the other side of the room from the entrance, Lord Morde himself sat on a huge throne, clad in armor.

- Lord Morde, here's your fantasia pizza as ordered, Sir. Still fresh and warm. Larry said with a tepid voice while setting the package down on the floor.

Lord Morde approached the package, picked it up on his hands and whiffed the aroma emanating from it.

- Hmm, you really are the most reliable delivery person there is. Good, this pizza will be perfect for my sons birthday party.

- Your son has a birthday? Well, congratulations for him in advance. Say, I did read about you once. Weren't you like fourth in the latest Overlord competition or something?

- Indeed I was. Proof that I am getting better and better. Pretty soon I will have the respect that I deserve. Prime final boss material.

- Yeah, I can see that. Can I, like, leave right now? For I'm a very busy worker, you understand.

- Of course. And I assume you want to take the scooter instead of my pet dragon?

- Thank you for the offer I guess. But I can handle everything, trust me. Farewell, Lord Morde.

Stepping outside the castle, Larry was relieved that it was over. Jumping on his scooter, Larry began to drive back to his workplace, wondering if the next orders have already arrived...